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🇬🇷 Dimitri Stassos and Nikos Sofis to submit a Eurovision 2021 offering

On August 25th, it was reported that two Greek composers, Dimitri Stassos and Nikos Sofis, would partner with a successful Eurovision composer to submit a song for Greece in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Dimitri Stassos has composed two songs for Eurovision: “La Noche Es Para Mi” by Soraya (Spain 2009) and “Aphrodisiac” by Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece 2012). Nikos Sofis has written lyrics for entries in seven countries’ national selections since 2014. He came closest to winning as a lyricist in 2018 when “Black Heart” by Vera Țurcanu came second in Moldova’s national final, losing out to “My Lucky Day” by DoReDos.

The two composers as a team composed “Die For You” by Catarina Sandu, which came fourth in Moldova’s national final in 2020.

Stassos and Sofis have not announced who they are partnering with for this entry as of writing this article. Stefania’s entry for Eurovision also does not have a release date as of now.

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