🇺🇸 Snoop Dogg and Eurovision – The most unlikely friendship

With the release of “Blow Your Mind” we look back on Snoop and Eurovision

Yes. You read that correctly. Snoop Dogg and Eurovision in the same headline. One might not think that a multi million dollar rapper would collaborate with one Eurovision star, let alone several. So let me take you on a journey on the life and times of Snoop Dogg and Eurovision. Sit back and enjoy.

Jessica Mauboy – Australia 2018

Snoop’s first foray into collaboration with Eurovision artists started in 2010 with the song “Get Em Girls”. Having exploded onto the scene after coming second on the fourth season of Australian Idol, Jessica became a star with a very good record label to boot.

Jessica is of course no stranger into collaboration with American rappers. Her debut “Running Back” featured Flo Rida. She also teamed up with Ludacris for “Saturday Night”, then with Jay Sean on the single “What Happened To Us”. Get Em Girls is a Hip-Hop/Pop song with them signature late 00s- early 10’s lyrics about posh brands and even posher cars! For your delectation listen below.

Arash – Azerbaijan 2009

You might be questioning “Hey, but this was before Jessica went to Eurovision?” Yes you are indeed correct but Snoop then went on to collaborating with Eurovision acts after their appearance! The first artist was with Iranian-Azerbaijani-Swedish singer Arash with the ethnic sounding EDM song “OMG”.

While listening to the song you might think that this has a typical Eurovision sound that has defined Azerbaijan, Greece and Cyprus over the years and that’s down to the team of songwriters! “OMG” was penned and produced by Alex Papaconstantinou and Viktor Svensson who have brought together and separately hits as “Yassou Maria”, “La La Love”, “Cool Me Down”, “Fuego”, “Replay” and finally Arash’s own entry to Eurovision “Always” with AySel. Please listen to the song it’s an utter banger!

Eleni Foureira – Cyprus 2018

Speaking of “Fuego” that links us perfectly into our next collaborative partnership. What better artist to collaberate with, but with our iconic Greek siren Eleni Foureira. That’s exactly what Snoop did with the song, you guessed it “Sirens”. “Sirens” is a Hip-Hop/EDM song with a tinge of modern Greek energy throughout.

The song samples one of the most iconic 80s songs and is one the defining songs of the decade “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” by the British group Eurythmics. The sample is perfectly done sung but Eleni with her signature sass. Furthermore the uptempo nature of the original is amped up with the modern production. with raps by Greek rapper KAAN and Snoop to compliment Eleni. It’s a really fun track and them trumpet beats hit hard! Enjoy.

Tina Karol – Ukraine 2006

Snoop’s final and latest link up is with Ukrainian megastar Tina Karol who represnted Ukraine on their fouth occasion with the pop-folk song “Show Me Your Love”. Here we see a genre change.

In comparison to other collaborations that are more emphasised by EDM sounds, “Blow Your Mind” uses electronic elements more subtly and the Hip-Hop elements are brought to the forefront.

The song is also soley rapped by the male vocalists like “Sirens” with Tina providing a more Pop energy with her part providing a female persepective into relationships. It’s a more chilled out song with a nice groove to it.


Will this be it for Snoop or will he collaborate with more Eurovision acts? We’ll have to wait and see! Which Snoop collaboration is the best and more importantly who would you love to have him collaborate with next?! Please comment below or get in touch with us @escxtra on all social media platforms and then subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify for curated playlists.

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