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πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Sofia Feskova to represent Russia at Junior Eurovision 2020

It’s been a weekend of countries selecting their Junior Eurovision representatives. Another country confirming their representative is Russia, with Sofia Feskova confirmed as their representative after their national final took place.

‘An important moment ahead for me to represent Russia’

Upon finding out that she will be representing her country at one of the biggest stages in the world, Sofia expressed her happiness that she has been selected.

“I’m very happy! I couldn’t even think that this would ever happen and I’d become a finalist. I had worthy and strong competitors. It is an important moment ahead for me to represent Russia.

Sofia Feskova on representing Russia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

It was revealed that RTR received over 100 applications for this year’s competition, with 39 entries making it to the semi-final, and 11 entries making it to yesterday’s final:

  • Artyom Morozov – Лети (Fly)
  • Arseny Slesarev – Что ты наделала, baby? (What Have You Done, Baby?)
  • Artyom Fokin – Возьми мою руку (Take My Hand)
  • Gennady Pereverdiev – Настроение Панда (Mood Panda)
  • LittleZ: Mikhail Koval and Polina Koroleva – Первая любовь (First Love)
  • Sergey Filin and Veronica Litovchenko – В трендах TikTok (In TikTok Trends)
  • Sofia Kirsenko – Просто жить (Just Live)
  • Sofia Tumanova – Больше света (More Light)
  • Sofia Feskova – Мой новый день (My New Day)
  • Sofia Shkepu – Alise
  • Rutger Garecht – Дорога – моя судьба (The Road Is My Destiny)

You are able to listen to Russia’s 2020 Junior Eurovision entry ‘”Мой новый день” (My New Day)’, which you are able to listen to below.

Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Russia debuted at Junior Eurovision in 2005. The country have only internally selected their artist once – in 2014. The rest of Russia’s acts have been selected via a national final. Vladislav Krutskikh represented Russia upon their debut, with the song “Doroga k solntsu”. The song finished 9th with 66 points.

Since their debut, Russia has participated 15 times. Winning the competition twice, in 2006 and 2017. Their recent participation, in 2019, saw them select Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak to represent them in Gliwice-Silesia with the song ‘A Time For Us’, which placed 13th.

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