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🇧🇾 JESC countdown: how are things going with Alexey Zhigalkovich?

Earlier in this countdown series we talked about Tolmachevy Twins. Now it’s time to check up on Alexey Zhigalkovich, the JESC 2007 winner from Belarus!

Rotterdam 2007: throwback

17 countries participated in the JESC 2007 in Rotterdam. This number also includes debuts of Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Lithuania.

What’s new: the minimum age of contestants changed from 8 to 10 years old.

Belarus became the first country to win Junior Eurovision twice when Alexey Zhigalkovich took the trophy for his song “С друзьями” (S druzyami / With Friends).

Life after the Junior Eurovision

Alexey became widely famous and got a lot of invitations to perform at different events. There was a huge success going on until Alexey started to experience his voice mutation and also realise that he’s not sure that singing is his true life path.

After some time Alexey discovered another activity: video making. He started from baby steps as filming videos at school events and attending special video making courses. By the end of school he was sure he had found his real passion for life.

What Alexey is up to now?

Alexey graduated from Belarusian State Art Academy where he studied film directing. Currently he works as a music video maker and a film maker. Among his clients there are singers that are widely known in Belarus or even outside the country.

I continue to watch Eurovision, however, now I watch it from a film director point of view. The show is unique, its quality is high. I also analyse the entries and try to predict a winner but it’s still a riddle to me.

Alexey Zhigalkovich for sputnik.by

You can get familiar with Alexey’s works and life on his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/iamzalex/

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