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🇱🇻 Samanta Tina releases new music video ‘Tikai romāns’

Watch Samanta Tina become more than just a novel!

Are you sick of New Year, new me already? Well fear not, we have new music for you instead! Latvia’s 2020 and 2021 Eurovision representative Samanta Tina is back with her latest music video ‘Tikai romāns’.

Tikai romāns

Life is music for Samanta Tina and she has composed a new single for us! With her long time collaborator Ingars Viļums, the two have created the dramatic ballad ‘Tikai romāns’ (Only A Novel). Although a change in pace from the likes of ‘Still Breathing’ and ‘I Got The Power‘, those that are familiar with Samanta’s work will know she also loves getting to showcase her voice too.

In this passionate plea, Samanta is telling a moving story of one sided love and warning women to protect their hearts. To become more than just a fleeting chapter in someone else’s novel. As she explained on Morning Panorama:

 “I think we have each experienced a situation in our lives that we meet someone and it seems to us – this is the real, only person! But then the reality comes, your eyes open, and you realize that on the other hand it was just a novel or a passion. With my song, I want to call on those who have been captured in such a toxic relationship not to seek excuses for forgiving and lying to themselves. But to love and respect themselves, to put an end to such a relationship if it is not conscious and self-serving. Don’t be entertained!”

Samanta Tina

Yet again Samanta showcases her creative talents in directing and producing the music video with Aigar Baikov. As well as casting the performers in the video too! With Samanta taking centre stage in an impressive wardrobe budget as she tries to become the only story in actor Edmund Goldman’s heart.

Samanta Tina in the Eurovision Song Contest

Early in Samanta Tina’s career, her success in music competition put her on the inevitable path to Eurovision. During travels to London, North Macedonia, Moldova and Lithuania, Samanta honed her craft for the big stage. Which meant that after nine entries across the national finals of Lithuania and Latvia it was finally tenth time lucky last year.

In 2020 Samanta once again entered the Latvian selection Supernova. This time she made sure not to be the bridesmaid. The high octane, Trap/EDM banger ‘Still Breathing’ filled our lungs with beats and won the national final with 35.42% of the combined public vote. However last March the EBU had to make the unfortunate decision to cancel the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite this, LTV the national broadcaster of Latvia backed their artist and internally selected Samanta for the return to Rotterdam this May. Last month Christmas came early as Samanta teased the entry ‘Moon Is Rising’. Which is rumoured to be another collaboration with Aminata!

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