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🇫🇮 Yle share clues of the first three UMK21 artists

Dropping some hints

The Finnish broadcaster Yle will reveal the seven finalists of their national selection 2021 on January 13th. Before that, they have been giving clues on the artists on their Instagram.

Who are taking part?

The first clue was released on Wednesday. Yle says that the first artist is from Turku and has released music in both Finnish and English. The songwriters have written songs for Selena Gomez and G-Eazy.

Fans have been speculating if the artist in question is Robin Packalen. Robin was rumoured to be Yle’s chosen artist for Eurovision 2019. The same year Robin released his first single in English after five studio albums of music in Finnish. He is also from Turku.

Other suggestions include Aksel Kankaanranta, who recently released his first single in Finnish. However, last year he told that he didn’t submit a song to UMK 2021. The artist also could be Ressu Redford, who recently took part in Finnish version of Beste Zangers and who has also released music in both Finnish and English. He also took part in Finland’s national selection in 2002 with “Say You Will, Say You Won’t” written by Thomas G:son.

The second artist is said to be an icon on their music genre, who also had international success. The songs by this artist have been playing on playlists, but the clues doesn’t specify if this means radio playlists or Spotify playlists (or something completely different).

People are guessing the artist being Erja Lyytinen, who was recently names as the second-best guitarist in the world or perhaps Darude, who already represented Finland in 2019.

The third artist is someone every Finnish person knows. This artist took part in singing competition at the start of their career and they have been given many awards.

Saying “every Finn knows them” is a big statement. The singing competition might be a talent show such as Finnish Idol or maybe even the Eurovision Song Contest!

Who do you want to see taking part in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2021? Let us know below or on social media @ESCXTRA!

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