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🇫🇮 Former Eurovision star among the last four UMK21 artists

Who are the last four artists?

Yle has shared more clues about the artists taking part in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2021. Earlier they shared hints of the first three artists and throughout last weekend and this week, they have shared clues about the last four artists.

Former Eurovision star in the line-up?

Yle will reveal the seven contestants tomorrow on January 13th in a livestream. The livestream is set to start at 14:00 CET.

One of the artists is someone who has competed in Eurovision before and their native language is not Finnish. The songs of this artist has gained a lot of airplay on the radio.

Fans have been guessing the artist being Krista Siegfrids, who represented Finland in 2013 and speaks Swedish as her first language. Other names in the speculation include Paradise Oskar (Finland 2011) or Jari Sillanpää (Finland 2004).

Someone, who doesn’t speak Finnish as their first language and who took part in Eurovision before is Laura Põldvere. While it might sound weird for Estonian Laura to take part in Finland’s national selection, she actually lives partially in Finland. It also says on her website that she is “the most played artist in the Estonian radio stations during the last decade”. Last year she was one of the jury members at UMK and announced Estonia’s points on the live broadcast.

The next artist is “a delicate interpreter”, who can produce a sound of a whole choir with their voice. They also sang on one of the most streamed songs of the recent years.

This could be Ilta, who has featured on couple hit singles over the past years. She also does a cappella videos on her YouTube channel where she produces all the sounds herself. Other potential names are Pihlaja, Yasmine Yamajako or Ida Paul, who all featured on songs with millions of streams over the past years.

The sixth contestant is the biggest group of UMK21. The band has won the biggest international competition on their music genre and they have listeners particularly abroad.

Fans think this could be metal band such as Awake Again or Battle Beast. Awake Again got to represent Finland at the Wacken Metal Battle in 2018 and performed on the Wacken Open Air festival, while Battle Beast won the whole contest in 2010. There is a chance the group to be a choir, as some Finnish choirs have won international competitions in recent years. The new Eurovision rules also allow some pre-recorded vocals.

The seventh contestant is someone who has appeared on the biggest music shows in Finland. They have also worked on many hit songs and next to their own music, they are known of covers.

Some artists who have appeared in numerous music shows in Finland are Osmo Ikonen and Diandra, who both have also taken part in Finland’s national selection before. Osmo Ikonen took part in 2010 with the song “Heaven or Hell“. He has written many songs for Finnish artists and is also the keyboardist of the band Sunrise Avenue. Diandra finished third in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2013 with “Colliding Into You” and has featured on many popular songs.

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