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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Extended lockdown in NL should have no direct consequence on organization of Eurovision 2021

The Dutch government recently decided that the current lockdown in The Netherlands will continue for another 3 weeks. This may worry Eurovision fans who are anxiously awaiting the final decision of this year’s format. However, producer Sietse Bakker has sad that the lockdown will not affect any decisions about the Eurovision Song Contest.

A decision in February

In an interview with ANP, Sietse Bakker discussed the decision making progress during these strange times. He stated that the organization is going well, but there is also a high sense of insecurity regarding the development of the coronavirus, particularly due to the British mutation of the virus. However, there is also hope: new ways of testing and vaccinations are becoming increasingly available to all.

While a specific date has yet to be named, the Dutch Eurovision team wishes to make a decision sometime in February. This decision entails choosing between 4 possible scenarios for the upcoming contest, all based on different developments of the virus. These are the possible scenarios:

The 4 ways to make Eurovision 2021 happen - Eurovision Song Contest
source: EBU

Staying hopeful

“As long as there is hope, even if it’s a little bit, we will embrace it,” Bakker said in the interview. There have not been any specifications about possible precautions revealed, such as the testing of each audience member before they enter the venue. Rather than worrying about having to choose the worst scenario, Bakker revealed that the team is worried that they will be too careful, and could include more people than anticipated. In any case, fans will have to wait until February for the final decision, but as Tamara Gachechiladze said: Keep The Faith!

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