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🇧🇬 VICTORIA releases the fourth potential Eurovision song “phantom pain”

Should this be her Eurovision 2021 entry?

Bulgaria’s VICTORIA has just released the fourth of her six potential Eurovision 2021 entries, “phantom pain”. The song is also part of her upcoming EP “a little dramatic”.

About “phantom pain”

The song is written by was written by VICTORIA and the Swedish songwriters and music producers Helena Larsson and Oliver Björkvall. The Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra was also involved the final arrangement of “Phantom Pain”. VICTORIA says it is one of her favourite songs on her EP “a little dramatic”.

The song is part of the final phase of “a little dramatic” and it tells a painful story. This fatal tale could be too much for some people but when we release “The Funeral Song” tomorrow, it will all make sense. Both songs are connected and are quite different from “Imaginary Friend” and “Dive into Unknown”. I can say “Phantom Pain” is one of my favorite songs from my first EP.

VICTORIA on “phantom pain”

Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

VICTORIA was selected internally as Bulgaria’s representative by the broadcaster BNT. Six songs are in the race to become Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2021 entry. Four of the songs are out and the rest will be released throughout this week.

After all the songs are released, a special online platform will be launched which will allow music fans around the world to leave comments and feedback about the six potential songs. This will be part of Bulgaria’s selection process for Eurovision 2021. VICTORIA and her team will also look for feedback from focus groups specialising in music, TV, radio and Eurovision experts to make their final decision.

Before the contest was cancelled, VICTORIA was set to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with “Tears Getting Sober”. The song quickly became one of the favourites to win the contest and finished second in ESCXTRA’s Xtra Insider 2020.

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