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πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Jendrik and No Angels to appear on Schlagerchampions

If you’re up for an absolute schlager extravaganza, Germany may be your place to go tonight. During Schlagerchampions, 2021 hopeful Jendrik Sigwart will perform I Don’t Feel Hate live for the first time ever. Also happening there is the grand comeback of girl group No Angels…

First live for Jendrik

Tonight, Jendrik is going to have his first ever live TV performance of I Don’t Feel Hate. The big premiere will take place during Schlagerchampions. It will be the first solo live performance for the 26-year old, who will be flying the German flag at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Previous TV experience only comes from an ensemble performance with the musical Berlin, Berlin during the 2018 Helene Fischer Show.

Germany premiered their entry for Rotterdam this Thursday. After a release on streaming platforms, Jendrik then revealed a six minute music video for his song. It’s the first time a German entrant will have his live premiere so soon after the reveal.

Comeback for No Angels

The bigger news, surprisingly, however is the comeback of No Angels. In late 2020, BMG made sure the No Angels back catalogue was released on streaming platforms. Due to surprise success, the four members of the band decided to start an Instagram account, sharing photos of their private lives.

After the success of this account and the re-release of their 2001 single Daylight In Your Eyes, the project really took off. Lucy Diakovska, Nadja Benaissa, Jessica Wahls and Sandy Mölling formed No Angels once again. Just two weeks ago, they recorded Daylight In Your Eyes with brand new vocals. Missing from the line up is Vanessa Petruo, who also skipped the 2007 reunion. She prefers a life outside the spotlights.

No Angels formed in 2000, winning the first ever season of Popstars. They immediately became a successful act all over Central Europe. Looking at the numbers today, No Angels are still responsible for the #1 and #3 best selling album by a girl group in Germany of all time, with Spice Girls claiming the #2 spot for their 1996 album Spice. The success of No Angels demanded its toll, as the band split up in 2003 due to exhaustion. However, they formed again in 2007, not as a quintet, but as a quartet. A year later, they represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. They finished in 23rd place, receiving 12 points from Diakovska’s home country Bulgaria and 2 points from Switzerland: 14 in total.

After Benaissa was given a two-year suspended sentence in court, she left the band in 2010. Projects failed to materialise and in 2014, Diakovska confirmed that the then trio had split up and no new projects were planned.

The comeback is now properly on, though. Nadja Benaissa has returned to the group and they will go live on Schlagerchampions tonight. Schlagerchampions is an annual show, hosted by singer and presenter Florian Silbereisen. Silbereisen, also famous for his band Klubbb3 with Belgian singer Christoff and Dutch singer (and Eurovision host) Jan Smit, has been hosting these shows for several years now. He commented on the comeback of No Angels, by sharing the story of the compulsory Covid tests before going on stage: Lucy Diakovska’s result came in so late that Benaissa, Wahls and Mölling had to rehearse without her…

Schlagerchampions will take place tonight. You can watch the show on ARD – Das Erste at 20:15 CET.

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