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🇧🇬 VICTORIA reveals her song for Bulgaria on 10th March

Which entry are you hoping to see VICTORIA perform?

The Bulgarian song for Eurovision 2021 has been selected, as announced by VICTORIA on Twitter. On 10th March, Bulgaria will reveal which of the six potential songs will represent the country in Rotterdam.  

Revealed in a live concert

VICTORIA will host a concert where she will perform all of the songs from the EP as well as her biggest hits, live. At the end of the event, she will reveal her song for Rotterdam. The concert will be aired at 21 CET on BNT 1 and will be streamed online on as well as via VICTORIA’s official YouTube channel

This was a very hard decision to make, but my team and I stand by it. I am really proud that so many fans and experts shared their opinion on my six songs. I believe in our song for Rotterdam 2021 and I can’t wait to reveal it at the end of my concert on March 10.

VICTORIA talks about making the choice for her song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

For ten days, music fans around the world had the opportunity to share their feedback about VICTORIA’s potential songs for Eurovision 2021 at The Bulgarian team also organized focus groups with music, TV and Eurovision experts, which had the opportunity to rate “Imaginary Friend”, “Growing Up Is Getting Old”, “Dive into Unknown”, “Phantom Pain”, “The Funeral Song” and “Ugly Cry”.   

Together with our partners from the Bulgarian National Television, the Eurovision Bulgaria team and VICTORIA, we have done our best to take into consideration the enormous feedback we received from all over the world. We are happy that so many people expressed their opinion on our potential songs for Rotterdam. Today, we had a meeting where we discussed the feedback from as well as from the focus groups. We believe that we made the best possible choice. We have a long road ahead of us and with the song we chose, VICTORIA will feel most confident and comfortable on the stage in May.

Genoveva Christova, the producer of the Bulgarian participation from Ligna Group about the selection process:

The semi-finals and the grand final of Eurovision 2021 will take place in Rotterdam on 18, 20 and 22 May. Bulgaria will take part in the second semi-final on Thursday, 20 May. 

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Which entry do you hope VICTORIA has chosen to take to the Eurovision stage? Let us know your favourite from the Bulgarian selection in the comments below, and on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels.

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