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🇲🇰 Vasil releases his Eurovision 2021 entry “Here I Stand”

As the week progresses on, we continue to see the competing artists in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest release their respective entries. Up next is Vasil who will represent North Macedonia with the song “Here I Stand”.

Upon the release of the track, Vasil reveals how the track was made, and how it was written without any specific aim or focus:

“In the middle of the chaos and whirlwind of disappointments last year, I wrote ‘Here I Stand’ in one breath without any specific aim or focus. I think it rose out of one of those special and rare moments in life when you are at one with yourself and able to let emotions flow in their purest form without self judgment, freely and sincerely.”

Vasil worked alongside Borche Kuzamovskia, and Davor Jordanovski which was mostly recorded in Skopje. The backing vocals for the track was recorded by former members of the Chicago Children’s Choir, in which Vasil participated as a child

North Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest

After an unsuccessful attempt in 1996, North Macedonia officially debuted at the 1998 contest with Vlado Janevski’s “Ne zori, zoro”. Since then, they have took part in the contest 19 times.

Before 2019, their best result was 12th place in 2006 when Elena Risteska participated with “Ninanajna”. However, in 2019, Tamara Todevska broke that record, placing 7th, with her song “Proud”. Tamara also managed to win the jury vote, topping Sweden who finished as the jury’s runner-up.

Vasil was set to represent North Macedonia at the 2020 contest in Rotterdam with the song, “YOU”. However, the contest was cancelled as a result of Covid-19. In June, Vasil told us that “YOU” was “an invitation for us to connect through dance to celebrate the given moment”.

We caught up with Vasil in June 2020, have a watch to hear more about Vasil’s life and career!

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