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🇮🇱 Netta to join Simon Cowell on “X Factor Israel”

From being judged to becoming the judge

Reshet 13 who is the Israeli broadcaster that airs “The X Factor Israel” has announced that the fourth and most recent Israeli Eurovision Song Contest winner, Netta Barzilai will join Simon Cowell on the panel.

About X Factor Israel

The Israeli verson of the multinational franchise has aired previously three times. Despite the first and second series airing in 2013-2014 and 2015, the third series had to wait two years to air in 2018. All series so far have been hosted by Bar Rafaeli who also cohosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 that was held in Tel-Aviv.

The third series was won by Eden Alene who went on to also win Hakokhav Haba in 2020. She, of course represented Israel in 2020 after winning with the song “Feker Libi”, unfortunately she couldn’t represent Israel in 2020 due to the Covid_19 pandemic. However Israel selected Eden for 2021 and will sing “Set Me Free” after a national song selection process.

All the reactions

Simon Cowell and Netta Barzilai had their reactions as the formation of the judges panel is starting to take place. Simon had this to say.

Over the years The X Factor format discovered amazing talents from all over the world, I can’t wait to see what Israel has to offer.

Simon Cowell

Netta took to twitter to react in the way you would expect her to!

This is a roll reversal for Netta after herself winning a talent show “Hakokhav Haba” herself in 2018 to represent Israel. She then went on to win Eurovision as previously mentioned.

The X Factor Israel is currently in production and will conduct an open call for singers in due course.

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