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🇸🇪 Full results of Melodifestivalen 2021 out

Tusse got a landslide victory

SVT has released the full results of Melodifestivalen 2021. It shows that the four semifinal winners were Danny Saucedo, Dotter, Tusse and The Mamas.

Semifinal 1

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Kadiatou – One Touch29967 3316.
Lillasyster – Pretender481 159 1544.
Jessica Andersson – Horizon381 065 7945.
Paul Rey – The Missing Piece681 239 1463.
Arvingarna – Tänker inte alla gå hem721 190 4492.
Nathalie Brydolf – Fingerprints11825 4147.
Danny Saucedo – Dandi dansa781 377 6631.

While Paul Rey got more votes in total, Arvingarna qualified to the final by getting more points. Arvingarna got three 12 points, while Danny Saucedo and Paul Rey got 12 points twice. Lillasyster was the favourite of the voters between 30-44 year-olds.

Semifinal 2

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Anton Ewald – New Religion681 218 3122.
Julia Alfrida – Rich11751 3377.
WAHL feat. SAMI – 90-talet30961 1606.
Frida Green – The Silence471 028 2994.
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong52997 9473.
Patrik Jean – Tears Run Dry441 049 4345.
Dotter – Little Tot921 464 9621.

Although Patrik Jean got more votes in total than Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos and Frida Green, he still failed to qualify after getting the least points from these three. Six voting groups voted Dotter as the best, while the oldest voting group (75+) and telephone voters gave Eva and Ewa their 12 points.

Semifinal 3

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young621 272 5232.
Emil Assergård – Om allting skiter sig34987 4585.
Klara Hammarström – Beat of Broken Hearts581 252 8954.
Mustach – Contagious18763 0456.
Elisa – Den du är18613 7797.
Alvaro Estella – Baila Baila601 193 9143.
Tusse – Voices941 919 3531.

Only the youngest age group didn’t award their 12 points to Tusse. This was the closest semifinal when it comes to the qualifiers for the final and the Andra Chansen. Only two points separate the second finalist Charlotte Perrelli and Andra Chansen qualifier Alvaro Estrella, while there are four points between Charlotte Perrelli and Klara Hammarström, who finished fourth and qualified to the Andra Chansen. The youngest age group, 3 to 9-year-olds, awarded their 12 points to Klara.

Semifinal 4

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Tess Merkel – Good Life40868 0505.
Lovad – Allting är precis likadant21783 7636.
Efraim Leo – Best of Me521 035 821 3.
The Mamas – In the Middle941 550 4591.
Sannex – All Inclusive14609 9097.
Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag51930 0024.
Eric Saade – Every Minute721 179 5802.

The Mamas got the top 12 points from all the voting groups expect for the telephone voters, who gave 12 points for Clara Klingenström. There were big differences with the tastes between the younger and older voters when it comes to Clara Klingenström. The youngest age group placed her last, while the two older voting groups awarded her 10 points.

Andra chansen

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Alvaro Estrella – Baila Baila71 365 3761.
Lillasyster – Pretender11 163 8072.

On the first duel, Alvaro Estrella was the favourite of all the voting groups except for the telephone voters.

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Frida Green – The Silence1925 4732.
Paul Rey – The Missing Piece71 207 5811.

On the second duel, Frida Green was the favourite of the telephone voters, while Paul Rey got the votes from all the voting groups who voted with the app.

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong31 173 4922.
Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag51 276 0401.

The three youngest voting groups gave their vote for Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos, while others voted for Clara Klingenström more.

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Klara Hammarström – Beat of Broken Hearts81 139 2621.
Efraim Leo – Best of Me0 908 6112.

The fourth duel shows a clear victory for Klara Hammarström, as she was the favourite of all the eight voting groups.

Final (public vote only)

SongTotal pointsTotal votesPlace
Danny Saucedo – Dandi dansa351 309 4717.
Klara Hammarström – Beat of Broken Hearts361 341 5666.
Anton Ewald – New Religion161 066 34011.
The Mamas – In the Middle561 646 1982.
Paul Rey – The Missing Piece7998 03012.
Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young281 016 5578.
Tusse – Voices962 964 2691.
Alvaro Estella – Baila Baila191 071 18810.
Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag521 455 6053.
Eric Saade – Every Minute491 471 3244.
Dotter – Little Tot481 488 5995.
Arvingarna – Tänker inte alla gå hem22923 0229.

Tusse got 12 points from all eight voting groups and almost twice as much votes as The Mamas on the second place. Clara Klingenström got 10 points from the three oldest voting groups as well as the telephone voters, while Danny Saucedo got the 10 points from the youngest voting group. The Mamas got 10 points three times, from the voting groups of 10-15, 16-29 and 30-44 year-olds.

You can see the full results of the final here.

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