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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Six former winners to feature in “Rock The Roof” interval act

The organisers of Eurovision have revealed some details of the planned interval act for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It will be called “Rock The Roof” and will feature six legendary Eurovision winners.

The performance will involve the use of the rooftops of three locations throughout Rotterdam. The winners will perform from these arenas atop the Hotel New York, the Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot museum and the Maassilo party venue. Naturally, with sky-high stages involved, the winners will be performing with a backdrop of the city behind them, sure to be a spectacle. This performance will be part of the Grand Final on Saturday 22 May.

The winners involved are Lenny Kuhr (De Troubadour, Netherlands 1969), Teach-In with Getty Kaspers (Ding-a-dong, Netherlands 1975), Sandra Kim (J’aime La Vie, Belgium 1986), Helena Paparizou (My Number One, Greece 2005), Lordi (Hard Rock Hallelujah, Finland 2006) and Måns Zelmerlöw (Heroes, Sweden 2015). A wide range of winners from the older Dutch winners and Sandra Kim, to a selection of popular 21st century winners.

‘Could not have wished for a better city’

According to Gerben Bakker, the following was the reason for shooting a rooftop film. He wants to show off the beauty of the Rotterdam vista:

“The Eurovision Song Contest is back after a year of absence. Reason enough to treat the millions of viewers to unique performances from three locations in the middle of the city. The title of this great act is “Rock the Roof” for a reason. By literally filming at great heights, we want to surprise Europe creatively and visually. In addition, I could not have wished for a better city than Rotterdam. Every shot in this city hits the spot. Rotterdam will not soon be forgotten.”

Gerben Bakker

Bakker continued to say that all of the acts were very keen to perform and spoke about how pleased he was that Teach-In in particular would reunite.

“Because this is the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, we are taking a journey through time. We are particularly proud that Teach-In will reunite the original line-up after a very long time. Every performance will have its own unique atmosphere.”

Gerben Bakker

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