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🇸🇪 Edward af Sillén and Christer Björkman to commentate #ESC2021 for Sweden! Carola will announce the points!

Line-up for the Swedish coverage announced

Today SVT announced that Edward af Sillén and Christer Björkman will commentate the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden. In the Grand Final Carola is announcing the Swedish points. Edward af Sillén celebrates his tenth year as a commentator for Sweden at Eurovision. Christer previously commentated in 2002 for SVT.

Swedish line-up is complete!

This is the funniest TV event of the year, so to share it with viewers for the tenth time is a huge honor. And what a joy to be able to do it with Eurovision lover Christer, a man who has seen all sides of the competition. As usual, I intend to guide the viewers through the programs with a lot of love, humor and great respect for the competition, says Edward af Sillén.

Christer Björkman did his last Melodifestivalen earlier this spring. Now he is ending his Mello journey as a commentator for Eurovision.

Edward and I have long dreamed of being able to comment on Eurovision together and now, after many years as head of the Swedish delegation and producer of the competition, we will get to enjoy the entries together. An honorable and perfect end to 20 magical years with the Melodifestivalen and Eurovision, says Christer Björkman.

Today it was also announced that Eurovision 1991 winner Carola will announce the Swedish jury points during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Carola wrote on Instagram:
Feels just perfect right now this year and I’m so happy about it. It is an honorary assignment that will evoke many memories.

Swedish Commentators 2000-2021
2000: Christer Lundh and Pernilla Månsson
2001: Henrik Olsson
2002: Christer Björkman and Claes Åkeson
2003: Pekka Heino
2004: Pekka Heino
2005: Pekka Heino
2006: Pekka Heino
2007: Kristian Luuk and Josef Sterzenbach
2008: Kristian Luuk and Josef Sterzenbach
2009: Edward af Sillén and Shirley Clamp
2010: Edward af Sillén and Christine Meltzer
2011: Edward af Sillén and Hélène Benno
2012: Edward af Sillén and Gina Dirawi
2013: Josefine Sundström
2014: Edward af Sillén and Malin Olsson
2015: Edward af Sillén and Sanna Nielsen
2016: Lotta Bromé
2017: Edward af Sillén and Måns Zelmerlöw
2018: Edward af Sillén and Sanna Nielsen
2019: Edward af Sillén and Charlotte Perrelli
2020: Competition canceled
2021: Edward af Sillén and Christer Björkman

Swedish spokepersons 2000-2021
2000: Malin Ekander
2001: Josefine Sundström
2002: Kristin Kaspersen
2003: Kattis Ahlström
2004: Jovan Radomir
2005: Annika Jankell
2006: Jovan Radomir
2007: André Pops
2008: Björn Gustafsson
2009: Sarah Dawn Finer
2010: Eric Saade
2011: Danny Saucedo
2012: Sarah Dawn Finer
2013: Yohio
2014: Alcazar
2015: Mariette Hansson
2016: Gina Dirawi
2017: Wiktoria
2018: Felix Sandman
2019: Eric Saade
2020: Competition canceled
2021: Carola Häggkvist

After winning Melodifestivalen 2021, Tusse will represent Sweden in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Voices”. Sweden will compete as No. 4 in the first semi-final on May 18th.

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