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🇳🇱 Augmented reality to play important role in 2021 contest

"You can actually see the contest best on TV."

With the construction of the Eurovision 2021 stage almost complete, more and more details of what to expect next month are being revealed. Previously, we learned that augmented reality technology will feature in the semi-final one interval performance. In a recent interview, Stage Designer Florian Wieder and Director Marnix Kaart have revealed that AR will feature heavily across the 2021 contest.

Speaking to NAP, the Stage Designer Florian Wieder and Director Marnix Kaart have teased the role that augmented reality technology will play in the contest. Wieder explained that:

In the Netherlands, technology is very advanced for this and I always wanted to do something with it…What you see with your own eyes here in the room is one, but after that, there is another layer over it. With augmented reality, we will soon be able to create extra illusions that you can only see on TV. So you can actually see the Eurovision Song Contest best on TV.

Florian Wieder, Stage Designer for Eurovision 2021

Wieder explained that although augmented reality didn’t feature as much in 2019 compared to other recent contests, this year it will be much more “important”.

Director Marnix Kaart added:

We will do that during the performances of Davina Michelle and Duncan Laurence. We are all going to create separate worlds in Ahoy. We have complete freedom there.

Marnix Kaart, Director for Eurovision 2021

He is hoping to impress viewers watching at home:

There will be several moments of which I hope the viewer will think: oh wow, that looks really cool.

Marnix Kaart, Director for Eurovision 2021

Heading for Scenario B?

The staging is set to be complete on 28 April. After that, technical and stand-in rehearsals will start. The first delegations are expected to arrive on 8 May. Even under a Scenario B situation, delegations will be spending most of their time in hotel quarantine outside of rehearsals in order to minimise transmission risks.

We have asked them to stay in the hotel and only use our official transport. In this way we hope to keep the virus out as much as possible.

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Bakker also confirmed that the current plan is for 3,500 spectators to be in the audience, with 4,500 seats remaining empty. However, in practice this means that the second tier of seating will not be visible on the broadcast.

We think that those 3,500 people can also create a fantastic atmosphere.

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

However, with the news of Montaigne and the Australian delegation opting to not travel to Rotterdam, we may end up with something closer to a Scenario C. Under this model, some live-on-tapes will be used whilst other acts perform live on the AHOY Stage.

Last week, the city of Rotterdam has decided to cancel plans for an in-person Eurovision Village due to the ongoing pandemic. A virtual alternative will take place instead.

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