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We’ve never waited so long for a Eurovision Song Contest in history, but guess what? The time has finally come for Eurovision Song Contest 2021! In just a few days, the press centre both in Rotterdam and online will open and rehearsals for the 39 delegations will commence. As always, will bring you daily live coverage from the events at the Rotterdam Ahoy with live rehearsal reactions, special guest interviews and our now-famous Daily Press Poll!

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Friday 7th May: Live launch

Before we begin with our rehearsals coverage, we’ll bring you our Rotterdam 2021 live launch show on Friday 7th May at 21:00 CEST. We will discuss our expectations for the fortnight ahead, react to all your comments in our live chat and reveal those all-important XTRA VOTE 2021 results in full!

Cast your votes for XTRA VOTE 2021 via this article up until our live launch show

Daily from Saturday 8th May

Then, every day from 09:30 CEST on Saturday 8th May, our live coverage of the rehearsals from the Rotterdam Ahoy will commence. The virtual press centre will allow us to describe and react to every rehearsal live on stage, beginning with Lithuania’s The Roop at 10:00 CEST. In addition to our live streaming, we will be bringing you a blog of each country’s rehearsal as well as our now-famous Daily Press Poll which we’ve hosted for the last few years.

View the official Eurovision Song Contest 2021 rehearsal schedule

As always with our live stream, we will endeavour to bring as many special guests to our coverage as possible for you to interact with via our live chat. Whether this be Eurovision Song Contest 2021 participants or familiar faces from the Eurovision community, we will do our very best to bring you the most dynamic coverage possible.

See you there!

Together, we will enjoy The Ride (no pun intended…) of Eurovision 2021 from the first day of rehearsals, through to the Opening Ceremony, the dress rehearsals, the jury shows and the live broadcasts. We can’t wait to see you all chatting to us and reading our coverage of the contest… we’ve never been more excited! See you there!

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