🎵 New Music Friday – This week with Margaret Berger, Darin, Sakis Rouvas, Vaidas Baumila & more!

Happy New Music Friday

It’s time for the best day of the week – Friday! Not just because the weekend is upon us, but we get also brand new tunes from your favorite Eurovision artists! We feature some of them in our article and you can find every single one of them in our weekly updated Spotify playlist. Let us know, which one is your favorite new release in the comments below.

Margaret Berger – Gal

Margaret is giving us the Norwegian summer tune with “Gal” (eng. Crazy). The song has an uplifting sound and inspires you to just let go and enjoy every second of this. It is super radio-friendly and a must for your playlist. Even without speaking Norwegian, you get the feeling of it! The really catchy tune was written by Anders Kjaer, Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet, and Margaret herself.

Darin – Can’t Stay Away

Darin is back and we are HERE FOR IT! Today he released his first brand new song since 2017. “Can’t Stay Away” is giving us 80’s disco vibes. The dancefloor can’t be far away when this song comes on. It is different from his previous releases and especially his past Swedish albums. This is so Darin but still so fresh. It makes me super excited to see what comes during this era and his next album! The song was written by Jamie Hartman, Matthew Burns, and Darin himself!

Sakis Rouvas – Sta Kalitera Mou

Greek King Of Pop aka Sakis Rouvas released his new album “Sta Kalitera Mou” (eng.: In My Best) today. The 10 song LP is 100% in Greek and Sakis is delivering as always. If you enjoyed his past music this is especially something for you. It is a mix of modern pop with Greek influences. The album is written and produces by Fivos!
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Dominik Rössing

Hey, I'm Dominik from Germany. Watched my first Eurovision in 2003 and I was in love right away! Attended my first contest in 2011 and every contest since 2013. The same happened with Melodifestivalen. Started watching in 2006 and been to every final since 2017 and try to make it to at least one heat each year, too. After all, Melodifestivalen is the real deal ♥

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