🎵 New Music Friday – This week with Margaret Berger, Darin, Sakis Rouvas, Vaidas Baumila & more!

Happy New Music Friday

Oscar Zia – Ta på mig

Oscar Zia is delivering with his music! His new single “Ta på mig” (eng.: Touch Me) is no exception. The modern pop track is aiming straight for your soul. Vocals and production fit perfectly together and this is easily a song, that can be played on the radio, in shops, in clubs, and your Spotify account. Definitely something for your playlist. Also… can’t wait for an album! The song is written by Jonas Jurström, Petter Tarland and Oscar himself. Listen to the song below:

Salvador Sobral – paint the town

Salvador released his brand new single today and it is in English. “paint the town” is as dreamy, emotional, and magical as his previous music. If you are a fan of his ESC entry this is 1000% a song for your playlist. Even if you weren’t so into his music before, this is definitely worth checking out. It is pure magic! The song was written by Leo Aldrey and Salvador himself!

Vaidas Baumila – Laikas Keistis

Vaidas just released his first song of the year and it is a big one. The song feels personal and it helps that he co-wrote the song of course. “Laikas Keistis” (eng.: Time To Change) feels like a totally new vibe from Vaidas, but still 100% him. It is a mid-tempo song, that gives you the time to think and reflect, even when you do not understand the lyrics. You can listen and add the song to your playlist below:
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