🔊 Spotify Stream Update – May 31st, 2021! Italy received over 30 million streams and Ukraine grew by over 80% since the Grand Final!

The #ESC2021 songs received a total of 151.511.605 streams since the Grand Final!

It’s been over a week since we checked the Spotify streams for all the Eurovision 2021 songs. The last time we checked them? Before the Grand Final on May, 22nd! In this update, we see how much each song actually won from the competition. Moreover, we also look at the growth, compared to the total number of streams before the Grand Final, and how much this number increased. The most-streamed version was used for all the numbers if there was not a “Eurovision version”.

Spotify Streams – May 31st, 2021

#+/-LWCountryArtistSongStreams since the Grand FinalGrowthTotal streams 31.05.Total streams 22.05.
101ItalyMåneskinZITTI E BUONI34.423.84255,32%62.228.51127.804.669
2+911FranceBarbara PraviVoilà10.221.93266,32%15.413.1395.191.207
4+610FinlandBlind ChannelDark Side9.150.24354,59%16.760.7627.610.519
5+1015SwitzerlandGjon’s TearsTout I’univers7.463.74071,04%10.506.2683.042.528
6+713IcelandDaði og Gagnamagnið10 Years7.264.77270,56%10.295.2893.030.517
7-52CyprusElena TsagrinouEl Diablo6.714.07761,15%10.979.7684.265.691
8-35AzerbaijanEfendiMata Hari5.468.66872,66%7.526.5762.057.908
9-36MaltaDestinyJe me casse5.298.96967,93%7.800.2752.501.306
11-29LithuaniaTHE ROOPDiscoteque4.796.90359,65%8.041.5343.244.631
12-57NorwayTIXFallen Angel4.701.33242,37%11.095.8256.394.493
13-58RussiaManizhaRUSSIAN WOMAN3.759.42261,51%6.112.2742.352.852
14+519GreeceStefaniaLast Dance3.325.64764,74%5.136.8771.811.230
15-312IsraelEdenSet Me Free3.185.21267,08%4.748.0581.562.846
16+622United KingdomJames NewmanEmbers2.662.02358,00%4.589.4731.927.450
17-314BelgiumHooverphonicThe Wrong Place2.582.36154,67%4.723.4652.141.104
18018San MarinoSenhitAdrenalina2.514.73358,35%4.309.8721.795.139
19+928GermanyJendrikI Don’t Feel Hate1.960.20258,72%3.338.0731.377.871
20+525MoldovaNatalia GordienkoSugar1.942.14459,91%3.241.9041.299.760
21021NetherlandsJeangu MacrooyBirth Of A New Age1.853.94746,00%4.030.5072.176.560
22+1133PortugalThe Black MambaLove Is On My Side1.798.93270,94%2.535.929736.997
23+326SpainBlas CantóVoy a quedarme1.356.54143,02%3.153.3931.796.852
24+832BulgariaVICTORIAgrowing up is getting old1.324.81870,33%1.883.597558.779
28+735AlbaniaAnxhela PeristeriKarma1.143.41465,94%1.734.055590.641
29+837SerbiaHurricaneLoco Loco1.142.07072,31%1.579.506437.436
30-624DenmarkFyr Og FlammeØve Os På Hinanden1.086.75025,92%4.193.4333.106.683
31-823IrelandLesley RoyMaps1.018.35340,03%2.543.8431.525.490
32-527Czech RepublicBenny CristoOmaga818.43440,55%2.018.2541.199.820
33-429EstoniaUku SuvisteThe Lucky One778.61847,12%1.652.479873.861
34-430LatviaSamanta TinaThe Moon Is Rising744.49645,17%1.648.132903.636
35+136AustriaVincent BuenoAmen603.32351,21%1.178.141574.818
36-234SlovaniaAna SoklicAmen575.27049,68%1.157.966582.696
37-631PolandRafalThe Ride525.50941,62%1.262.541737.032
38+139GeorgiaTornike KipianiYou522.03854,10%964.967442.929
39-138North MacedoniaVasil GarvanlievHere I Stand491.16653,43%919.237428.071
# = current position, +/- = difference to last week, LW = Last week

Italy received over 50% of their total streams since release in the past week!

“ZITTI E BUONI” was already far ahead of everyone before the Grand Final with a total number of streams of over 27 million before the live show. Since the final, they gained over 34 million, bringing the total to 62 million so far. Those 34 million make a total growth of 55,32% in total numbers.

France secured the second place not just in the contest, but also in the streaming numbers. Barbara Pravi received over 10 million streams since the Grand Final. Bringing the total streams from 5.191.207 to 15.413.139 (+66,32%).

The biggest winner in growth compared to the numbers before the Grand Final is Ukraine. They gained over 9 million streams in the past week bringing the streaming total from 1.926.452 before the final to 11.278.282, which makes a total growth of incredible 82,92%!

Having the lowest growth from the finalists is Sweden. They increased their streams by over 5 million, which is the 10th highest number. When you compare the total number of streams before the Grand Final (15.501.335), the new update is bringing the total number to 20.721.266, which is impressive, but “only” a growth of ~1/4 or 25,19%. One factor could be, that Melodifestivalen is very popular in Sweden and already gave “Voices” high streaming numbers before the contest. Overall these are strong updates for every song!

The Eurovision 2021 songs got a total of 151.511.605 streams since the Grand Final!

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You can listen to all the songs below:


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