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Little Big – COVERS (EP)

With their new EP, Russian music sensation are putting their own spin on some of the biggest hits including “Everybody” and “Barbie Girl”. It’s 100% their style and even though you maybe love the originals, these covers are so different they feel fresh and new.

Donatas Montvydas – Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką

Donny Montell is delivering a mid-tempo disco tune with his latest release “Atiduočiau Už Naktį Bet Ką” (eng.: I would give away Anything for the Night). Great vocals, the song has a great vibe that would be perfect for a relaxed night out. For the last chorus the tempo picks up and Donny always gets us to the dancefloor. The song was written by Andrius Kairys, Marius Leskauskas and Donny himself.

Emil Assergård – Dör för dig

Emil, who made his debut at the Melodifestivalen in the spring, is back with the new single “Dör För Dig” (eng.: Die For You), a song that was written in the spring of 2020 during the time when the world was turned upside down by the pandemic. The song is a loving tribute to his girlfriend Linda-Marie. It is about doubts in everyday life and about finding that person who makes one find the right path in life.

“The spring of 2020 was a tough time for me, as for many others. When the pandemic struck and canceled all the gigs, I was sitting at home in my apartment writing depressing songs. Eventually, my girlfriend got tired of it and told me I had to write a more pep song. The result was “Dör För Dig”. It is a tribute to my girlfriend who always makes me think better, and also a song to all the people who fight for love and life. ” – Emil Assegård

“Dör För Dig” is written by Emil himself with the help of Palle Hammarlund and Fredrik Sonefors.

Tommie Christiaan & Stefania – Voor Een Ander

Since Eurovision, we all should know that Stefania is living in the Netherlands and now she released a song in Dutch together with Tommie Christiaan. “Voor Een Ander” (eng.: For Someone Else) is a super radio-friendly song, that could do very well in the charts. Moreover, the song is also part of the Dutch version of the movie “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway”. The perfect time for Stefania to get further into the Dutch market. The song is written by Elke Tiel, Daniel van der Molen and Stas Swaczyna.

Don’t miss any new release and listen to even more brand new tunes from your favorite Eurovision artists in our weekly updated Spotify playlist. Let us know in the comments which release you love the most. Happy listening everyone ♥

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