🎵 New Music this week with Lena, Karl Killing, Damir Kedzo, Stefania & more

New tunes for your playlists ♥

A new set of brand new music from some of our fave Eurovision artists got released this Friday and it is time to check them out. As usual you can find the whole list of all the new music can be found in our weekly updated New Music Friday playlist on Spotify.

Lena – Strip

Lena is back with brand new music. After her last album in 2019 and three compilations released this year with older music, “Strip” is the lead single for her new album/era. The song is as Lena and radio-friendly as can be. The perfect song for the summer. Easy to dance and sing-a-long. Perfect new single and a guaranteed hit. “Strip” is written by Nicolas Rebscher, Sophie Simmons, and Lena herself.

Karl Killing – powerless

After returning to Eesti Laul this year with “Kiss Me”, Karl is ready to put out more music and the follow-up single to his Eesti Laul entry just dropped and is called “powerless”. His new tune is very modern, mid-tempo, and feels very personal. I really like the production of the song and all the sound elements used in it. Definitely, something you should check out. The song was written by Arttu Istala, Iiro Paakkari, Maiju Lindell, and Karl himself!

Damir Kedzo – U Nama

With “U Nama” (eng.: In Us) Damir delivers an emotional ballad that shows his voice perfectly. It has a natural production with a lot of instruments being used. A song that is the reason why we love Damir. Even though it’s written by “Lu Jakelic”, it feels very much like Damir and he delivers that song!

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