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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Marina Satti open to Eurovision participation

"For so many things I have said 'no', which finally became 'yes'."

Fresh from their best result at Eurovision since 2013, Greece’s ERT will reportedly commence their preparations for next year’s contest in October. While a national final may be on the cards, could a talent like Marina Satti compel ERT to internally-select once again? According to a new interview with Vice Greece, she has been approached about Eurovision in the past, and would perhaps be open to participating in the future.

Back in 2017, Marina Satti released “Mantissa”, which went on to be a viral hit. To date, the song has over 49 million views and remains one of the most-viewed Greek pop songs on YouTube. With the song representing Greece at the OGAE Song Contest 2017, she became tipped to represent Greece at the contest proper.

In an interview with Vice Greece, she discusses her comeback and forthcoming album. In addition, she confirms that she has been approached to participate before, but the timing wasn’t right. She also has concerns as to whether she ‘fits’ the contest. However, if granted creative freedom, she would be open to it.

I do not know. When it had been suggested to me I could not do it, I had some other goals at that time and I did not want to lose my concentration. I do not even know if I would fit in such an event. Maybe if I felt I could do it my own way. But I never say never. For so many things I have said “no”, which finally became “yes”.

Marina Satti on Eurovision

She would certainly fit the bill for the kind of artists we would like to see at the contest in the future.

Greece at Eurovision 2021

Stefania had been selected internally to represent Greece at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. She was due to perform “SUPERG!RL” in the first half of semi-final two. However, following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, ERT released a press statement to express their intentions to continue their cooperation with Stefania. In December, it was confirmed that her entry would be internally selected again.

In March, ERT released “Last Dance”, Stefania’s entry for the 2021 contest. From the offset, it was clear that they were aiming to bring Greece back to the left-hand side of the scoreboard for the first time since 2013. Before rehearsals started, Dutch media teased that Stefania’s staging will include elements never seen before on the Eurovision stage.

Open rehearsals in Rotterdam later revealed that this staging involved ambitiously choreographed use of green screen. Evidently, this worked well for Stefania, who placed 10th in the Grand Final with 170 points, Greece’s highest placing since 2013.

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