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🇬🇷 ERT intends to resume cooperation with Stefania for 2021

Following the announcement regarding the cancellation of this year’s contest, ERT is another broadcaster to speak out on the matters of their representative’s status.

ERT wants Stefania for 2021

The Greek public broadcaster released a press statement earlier today in order to address the news about the EBU’s decision to cancel this year’s competition. In the statement, the broadcaster expressed their intentions to continue their cooperation with Stefania for next year.

Moreover, ERT has taken into consideration the fact that their entry was well received by both the Greek and European public, as well as the good cooperation the broadcaster had with the singer. However, it was also said that the final decision will depend on the EBU’s intentions, when they are specified.

According to the EBU, a decision on the matter of the entries of the countries will be made later. Both the reference group and participating broadcasters will decide whether the artists will perform their selected songs next year.

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Dimitris Ioannou

I'm Dimitris, from Cyprus. Eurovision has been a big part of my life for so long now. My first memories of the contest go back to 2005, which was a special year as Greece had won with Helena Paparizou. But 2009 was truly the first year I became a die-hard Eurofan, which is why that year holds a special place in my heart.

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