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🇮🇸 Daði Freyr teams up with Xbox Game Pass on Psychonauts 2

Daði and Árný also welcome birth of new child!

Usually Daði Freyr gets us to think about things. Now he wants to sing about things… especially one of his other passions in life, video games! The Icelandic Eurovision star has joined forces with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass to create a visual music special for the platforming video game, Psychonauts 2. Meanwhile Daði has just announced more good news in the arrival of his second child with wife Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdótti.

Daði Freyr thinks about Psychonauts 2

The creative energy of Icelandic singer Daði Freyr is back to work again. Always willing to pick up a controller, as well as a microphone; in the past we have seen his love of video games plug in to his musical hard drive. During the height of lockdowns and Zoom parties, Daði ensured we would have plenty to do in the lead up to Rotterdam, by releasing two video games of his own. First was the fun platforming adventure Think About Aliens. Which had the concept of being the origin story for how Gagnamagnið became the superheroes we see in the ‘10 Years’ music video. Following that, was the singing party game for all the family, Daði Karaoke

Now in partnership with Xbox Games Pass and Double Fine’s latest platforming adventure Psychonauts 2, we are taken on a musical tour of Daði ’s mind. With some new tracks, along familiar favourites, these songs are in theme with the psychedelic nature of the game as Daði becomes the DJ of his own brain in the accompanying online concert performance released by Microsoft. With bright visuals and cut scenes from the game to capture the imagination. Meanwhile we are treated to both of Daði’s Eurovision entries, unreleased tracks and the over-the-top creativity of new songs based on the gameplay and locations in Psychonauts itself. Of course, backed with the typical retro synths we have come to know and love.

Originally released in 2005, the now cult classic series sees players use the psychic abilities of Raz, to take on foes and traverse a series of puzzling platforming missions, while in various 3D worlds of other characters’ minds.

Daði Freyr announces birth of second child!

Over the weekend it was revealed on twitter that wife Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdótti has given birth to their second child. So the joypads and controllers will have to be put away for a little while! However, the doting family man is also working hard on a new full length album, which is set to be released in 2022.

Before the 2021 contest it was revealed that Árný would become part of the exclusive club of expectant mothers that have performed on the Eurovision stage.

Daði Freyr in the Eurovision Song Contest

Back in 2017 Daði Freyr gave us a first look at the now famous green jumpers as he took part in the Icelandic national final x with ‘Is This Love?’. Unfortunately the public weren’t quite ready to feel that love, as he finished runner-up to eventual representative, Svala. Undeterred, he would return with his band Gagnamagnið to perform ‘Think About Things’. Sure enough, not just Iceland, but the world did think better this time. As the band stormed to victory and viral success.

Through the power of social media platforms, including Twitter and TikTok, the track particularly earned success in the UK and Ireland. Where it would chart top 40 in the former and top 3 in the latter. Indeed, it was the first Eurovision song to chart in the UK top 40 since ‘Heroes’ in 2015.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the EBU had to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. For what was looking likely to be Iceland’s maiden victory. However, spurred on by this early success, RÚV along with Daði Freyr and Gagnamagnið decided lightning could strike twice.

In late 2020 they formally announced their return for the 2021 contest, once again taking place in Rotterdam. Sadly, a week before the Grand Final, Jóhann from Gagnamagnið tested positive for COVID-19. So rehearsal footage was used in the place of a live performance. Despite this, they qualified from semi-final two in 2nd and ultimately placed 4th in the Grand Final with 378 points.

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