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­čç«­čçŞ J├│hann from Gagnamagni├░ has tested positive for COVID-19

Recording of the performance to be used

RÚV reported that a member of the Icelandic representative, Daði og Gagnamagnið, has tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. This means the group won’t attend the rehearsals or the live shows of the second semifinal. Jóhann posted on the Gagnamagnið Instagram story to explain his diagnosis.

Eight people of the Icelandic delegation were tested for the virus this morning and one got a positive result for COVID-19. RÚV reports that Iceland will now use a recording from the second rehearsal from last week. There is uncertainty as to whether Daði og Gagnamagnið can attend the final on Saturday if the song qualifies from the second semifinal.

Jóhann Sigurður posted a series of open, emotional and honest Instagram stories to discuss his diagnosis. He says:

“I guess you’ve heard by now that one member has been diagnosed with COVID. I just wanted to let you know that member is me. I am pretty shocked and disappointed. I’m generally really sad about the whole situation. I wanted to let you know that I’m healthy, which is good. It’s difficult because we’ve worked so hard and I really wanted this. It’s been so long in the making. We’re really proud of our live-on-tape and our second rehearsal, they went really well. I’m hoping we will make you proud, make Iceland proud and make our supporters proud with that.”

Jóhann Sigurður discussing his positive test for COVID-19

“I’m still processing it, it’s a lot to process. I did everything that I could to stay safe but there’s something that must have gone wrong, I don’t know what. Our second rehearsal is good and I’m looking forward to seeing that on television. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to participate on Saturday but I don’t know. It’s positive thinking, of course. I hope you understand and continue to support us even though we can only use our second rehearsal.”

Jóhann Sigurður is thinking positive ahead of Saturday’s Grand Final.

Last week, two COVID-19 cases were found among the Eurovision delegations. A member of the Icelandic delegation as well as a member of the Polish delegation tested positive last week.

ESCXTRA will be reporting today’s dress rehearsal and tonight’s jury show live.

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