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🇮🇹 Måneskin perform at Global Citizen Live and front Gucci Aria campaign

The Italian Eurovision winners are at the forefront of fashion and activism

From winning the Eurovision Song Contest to being a global force in music and fashion, Måneskin are unstoppable! Now the band from Rome are using their timeless sound as a force for good as Måneskin perform in the 24 hour Global Citizen Live cause to end world poverty. As well as fronting the latest fashion campaign for luxury brand, Gucci Aria.

Global Citizen Live

Throughout history we have moved to the beat of music, while it has used its influence to remind us of our social consciousness and ensure we also dance to the rhythm of activist causes. Many will remember the powerful historic moments of Live Aid and Band Aid. Now that unity of society and music has come to the fore once again. This once in a generation broadcast aims to challenge issues such as, world poverty and vaccine inequity to the poorest nations during this ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

“Global Citizen Live has one mission: to rally citizens from all over the world to take action to defend the planet and defeat poverty. That means we’ll be calling on world leaders, philanthropists, and corporations to do better in tackling the climate crisis, world hunger, and ending the COVID-19 pandemic. You can join the Global Citizen movement by taking action to support the campaign right here.”

Global Citizen Live

Måneskin perform in Paris Global Citizen Live concert

For 24hrs Global Citizen Live has come together in a series of concerts across seven continents. The star studded line-up featured the most prominent names of past and present. Including, Duran Duran, Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Ed Sheeran, Lorde, BTS, Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato, The Weeknd, Elton John, just to name a few! Among the Paris leg of the broadcast, Eurovision fans will have spotted Italian winners Måneskin in the line-up! Alongside Christine and the Queens, Black Eyed Peas, Elton John and many more, Måneskin rocked the Champ de Mars venue with the famous Eiffel Tower backdrop.

During the 20-minute live set, Måneskin performed their well known hits and covers to the excited crowd. In scenes not seen since the pandemic began, the crowd moshed out to ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’, ‘Bury A Friend’ ‘For Your Love’, ‘Beggin’; plus of course their Eurovision winning entry, ‘Zitti E Buoni’. Meanwhile Damiano reminded us of what is really important in these times.

Hi Paris! We want to say, it’s a huge honour for us to be part of these events. This meaningful event. We all have to take our privilege, and to use it against injustice. Everyone deserves equal rights and even the smallest things can make a huge difference. Thank you for being part of it, enjoy the show.

Damiano David (lead singer of Måneskin)

Viewers from the United Kingdom can catch up with the full Paris show that aired on BBC networks, through the BBC iPlayer service here and see highlights from concerts around the world on the Global Citizen YouTube channel.

Måneskin feature in Gucci Aria ad campaign

Not content with music activism, our favourite Italian band are spreading awareness of self expression through fashion too. Always at the forefront of style and modernity, Måneskin dress to impress in Gucci’s latest fashion campaign. The world’s most popular luxury fashion brand is the perfect fit for Europe’s most popular music group of 2021. Now the trendsetters adorn the Gucci Aria collection. The AW21 line showcases the rock and roll edge that Måneskin bring to the campaign, as well as the Eros theme that makes this luxurious campaign stand out. 

Though Eros is seen as the Greek god of love and sex, this collection updates that symbolism for a 21st Century audience. Between each scene we are shown that desire can be powerful and used as a form of expression. Through the clothes we wear, we can portray whatever identity we want. This complexity can be found in Måneskin’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ music video, which also sees the band head to toe in Gucci. Watch the groundbreaking advert below.

Måneskin in the Eurovision Song Contest

Back in March, they won Festival di Sanremo with an impressive 53.5% of the vote in the superfinal, beating out stiff competition from two former Italian Eurovision representatives, Francesca Michelin (2016) and Ermal Meta (2018).

After an exciting voting segment in the Rotterdam contest, Italy was announced as the winner with 524 points – their first win since Toto Cutugno in 1990. Scoring 206 points from the juries and a further 318 televoting points. Thus, Måneskin finished 25 points ahead of France’s Barbara Pravi who finished the runner-up with 499 points.

Following their victory, the band have gone onto acclaimed success worldwide. From reaching top 40 in the Billboard charts, to being playlisted by BBC Radio 1. As well as collaborating with Iggy Pop and plans afoot for their third album later this year. There is no stopping this pioneering band, who have amassed almost a combined total of 200 million YouTube views for ‘Zitti E Buoni’ and over 200 million Spotify streams.

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