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VICTORIA releases new music video ‘The Worst’

The follow up single to Eurovision entry 'Growing Up Is Getting Old'

After a few months away, Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2020 and 2021 artist, VICTORIA returns with a new music video for ‘The Worst’. This represents her first release since the Rotterdam contest and is part of ‘The Next Page’ series.

The Worst

Last month VICTORIA released her first follow up single to ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ Not ‘The Worst’ by any stretch, this song is the start of a new chapter in her young music career. Hence the appropriately named ‘The Next Page’ series that ‘The Worst’ is the first page of. Now VICTORIA shares the semi-live music video, which showcases even more of her development in music artistry. The melodic piano anthem backed with gritty electro-guitar beats works together seamlessly with the push and pull reality of the lyrics. In the video VICTORIA is torn by the happiness around her, while singing of her struggle to ignore the intrusive thoughts in her mind.

I will be honest. The months after Eurovision were challenging. However, ‘The Worst’ is an inspiring song that we created with Maya Nalani, Oliver Bjorkvall and Helena Larsson in Rotterdam. We were locked up in a hotel room for two weeks during the ESC and we devoted ourselves to creativity. The lyrics are about that voice in your head telling you that ‘no one cares about you’ and how you shouldn’t lose yourself in it. I’m also working on my next record, which I will present very soon.


Directing the video is Victoria Karakoleva, in partnership with Ligna Studios. Who of course were the production team for VICTORIA in Rotterdam. Also featured in the video are talented dancers, Vasil Zolumov and Teya Radeva. Meanwhile Dimitris Georgiev is the co-author of the concept.

Victoria in the Eurovision Song Contest

Last year BNT returned from a one-year absence to the Eurovision family. They internally selected VICTORIA who came to prominence in The X Factor Bulgaria. Originally, VICTORIA was to perform the heartfelt ballad ‘Tears Getting Sober’ in Rotterdam. Which quickly became an early contender to be Bulgaria’s first ever Eurovision victory. Unfortunately the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic meant that the EBU had to announce the cancellation of the 2020 contest last March. Despite this, Bulgarian viewers voted VICTORIA’s entry as, the best Eurovision entry of the decade

Only days after the confirmation of the cancellation, BNT immediately stood by their artist and announced VICTORIA’s Eurovision 2021 participation. In a selection twist, the new entry was chosen from the debut EP A Little Dramatic. For ten days, Eurovision fans around the world had the chance to give online feedback of the potential songs for Eurovision 2021 at Meanwhile the Bulgarian team also organized focus groups with music, TV and Eurovision experts, which had the opportunity to rate ‘Imaginary Friend‘, ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old‘, ‘Dive into Unknown‘, ‘Phantom Pain‘, ‘The Funeral Song‘ and ‘Ugly Cry‘. 

Following this process, ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ won the ticket for the return to Rotterdam. During the contest, VICTORIA finished in third place in the second Semi-Final and 11th place with 170 points in the Grand Final.

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