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Junior Eurovision 2021: Our Top 10 (10 to 7)

Welcome to our Junior Eurovision 2021 Top 10! The team here at ESCXTRA have scored all 19 entries ‘Eurovision-style’ and we’ll be counting down our top 10 along with a selection of reviews. Has your favourite made the top spot? Let’s find out!

Last year we revealed our top 12 of all the 12 entries at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Our favourite entry in 2020 was France’s Valentina with ‘J’imagine‘. In 2019 our favourite was ‘Bim Bam Toi’ from France’s Carla.

Today we reveal our numbers 10 to 7, with later reveals coming soon!

10 – 🇪🇸 Spain: Levi Díaz – Reír

Tom R (7)

Spain continue to deliver at Junior Eurovision! Three years in a row, Spain have sent a song that is well-produced, sung very well and that’s why they keep achieving top results. “Reír” doesn’t disappoint – it feels perfectly Latin, ready to get people on their feet for a Junior Eurovision party! If Levi can perform strongly on the night (with good vocals!), then I think this song could easily be heading for the top 5. That’s where I’d like to see it place anyway. Spanish pop is always one of my favourite genres and this just keeps ticking the boxes.

Dominik (7)

This song just screams Spanish and I love it! It’s uplifting and easy to vibe to the beat. I usually love the Spanish entries in ESC and JESC so I hope they also start delivering with good results, because they deserve that. This entries gives us a great pop song, awesome vocals and the good feeling we really need!

09 – 🇫🇷 France: Enzo – Tic Tac

Justas (5)

FOUR YEARS in a row France is serving a song which is absolutely perfect for JUNIOR Eurovision song contest. ‘Tic tac’ in my opinion is the most kid friendly song this year. It’s an amazing follow up to Valetinas ‘J’imagine’ and simply a great host entry. Mood of the song takes us back to 1920s-30s and I can feel this song would be loved by people and especially kids of those years. There are many great songs this year so it’s really hard to predict who will win it in Paris, but a second in a row back-to-back win (Poland 2018/2019 and France 2020/2021) would not be a surprise for me.

08 – 🇦🇱 Albania: Anna Gjebrea – Stand By You

Lisa (8)

I love that it has a really nice anti-bullying message, yet is also a fun pop song too. She’s such a young Dua Lipa and seems to have a lot of charisma needed for a song like this already. I’m not sure how the jury will find this, but there’s enough in those drum beats to encourage a good televote score from voters.

Costa (7)

It goes without saying that “Stand By You” would be a highlight from this year’s Festivali i Këngës line-up. It traverses both the ‘junior’ component and the demands of a modernising contest. Lyrically it carries a sincere, accessible and universal message that speaks to young people across the continent, but presents it in a fresh and exciting package. Albania deserve a top 10 placement with this song, and they better get it! Of all the entries, this has potentially been the biggest earworm for me, the hook is VERY effective.

07 – 🇷🇺 Russia: Tanya Mezhentseva – Mon Ami

Lisa (10)

After achieving the unfortunate honour of Russia’s worst result back in 2019, Tanya is back for revenge! What a great song to return with, that is far more suited to her. Together in a blend of French and Russian pop fusion, it works and is a style I like. She’s not the only one going to Paris with a cheeky nod to the host country in their song! This could appeal to both, jury and televote, although there are so many themes in the video, that I’m not sure how this would be staged.

Tom O (6)

Tanya returns with something clearly better showing her style. First impressions are great for this song, with a hooky beat and nods to the host country. There are elements that remind me a bit of ‘J’Imagine’ from last year, suggesting Russia are going for something similar. The music video has a lot of themes and is well produced, suggesting big ideas for the staging. The risk of course is there will be too much going on.

Next we will be revealing numbers 6 to 3! What do you think of our Top 10 so far? Be sure to stay updated on Junior Eurovision 2021 by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for interviews and reactions.

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