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NBC release ‘American Song Contest’ first commercial

The ‘American Song Contest’ premieres on Monday 21 February 2022. Ahead of the show, US broadcaster NBC released its first commercial during the final of The Voice.

America’s next big hit

NBC’s 30-second first commercial for the show already suggests a spectacular staging on 21 February.

As the dramatic voiceover explains, “56 original songs from every genre” will compete to win the viewers’ votes and become “America’s next big hit”. The organisers have insisted particularly on the originality of songs on the submissions website, with the following rules: “No Covers! No Tribute Bands! Original Songs ONLY!”

Showing the first commercial during the final of The Voice, another song contest, should raise curiosity among various spectators groups.

The timing alone is key, though. Indeed, the show will air the night after the Olympics. Spectators are likely to be eager to watch something different from sports after two weeks glued to the performances of international athletes!

‘American Song Contest’

All fifty states in the USA will take part, as well as Washington D.C. as a district. Furthermore, five U.S. territories will also be taking part. They are American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico.

No details have yet been released on the timings of the shows or when/if the participating states/territories will present their entries prior to the show. We also await news of which US city with host the show.

The series will be produced by Propagate in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio. (a division of Universal Studio Group)

The Eurovision Song Contest has shown that it can unite different countries and artists for a few nights every year to focus on their mutual love and respect for music. Bringing The American Song Contest and the Eurovision brand to the U.S. is an incredibly ambitious project, but one worth doing, since we think these inherent values are intrinsic to uniting a fractional America through its greatest export and global impact … culture!!

Ben Silverman, Chairman and Co-CEO of Propagate

A whole new world…

With the American Song Contest confirmed, the Eurovision brand is crossing the Atlantic in a massive way. Of course, Netflix released a surprise hit film about the contest, titled Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga in 2020. You can read our team’s thoughts on the movie here.

Plans for the contest had been in the making for a while, with Christer Björkman announcing in March that talks were ongoingThe first reports about the ideas came out in May 2019, with both Björkman and Ola Melzig hosting a press conference. Ola Melzig will also be involved in the first edition for 2022. Soon after the first announcement, organiserPeter Settman confirmed that multiple broadcasters had an interest in the rights. This presumably included NBC, who have ended up landing the gig.

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