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EBU explains the meaning behind ‘The Sound of Beauty’ theme art

As Turin prepares for the semi-final allocation draw on Tuesday, they have also revealed this year’s slogan and theme art. After a long wait, the branding and slogan were first spotted on Twitter, as the city gets prepared to host the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. The EBU confirmed the speculation soon after, and has now also revealed the meaning behind the theme art!

The Sound of Beauty

Turin’s slogan and art is much more than just a nice sentence and graphic design. It ties in with the culture and identity of both the host country and the host city. The design is literally based on the the sound of beauty, as the patterns represent the study of sound wave phenomena. This is called “cymatic”, the use of acoustic wave vibrations that makes fine powders organise into specific patterns. Below, you can see how it would look on the banner:


Set design and typography furthermore reports that the Italian Garden was a big source of inspiration for the set design. It is noticeable that these garden structures are similar to the designs that you find in cymatics. Both indicate symmetry and the idea of order over nature: the powders are organised with the beauty of music, just as the gardens are organised in beautiful patterns as opposed to the force of nature.

Villa Arvedi - giardino all'italiana - Foto van Grezzana, Province of Verona - Tripadvisor
Source: Emiliano P

The Italian themes continue in the selected typography for the logo: it is called Arsenica, a serif typeface that was designed by Francesco Canovaro. This typeface is based on Italian posters from the 20th century, which combined typography with lettering and illustration to create art.


The history of slogans

The history of the Eurovision slogan goes back to 2002 when Estonia chose “A Modern Fairytale” as the first ever Eurovision slogan. Since then, every contest – except 2009 – has had a slogan, including “Confluence of Sound”, “All Aboard” and “Open Up”.

“The Sound of Beauty” is the third four-word slogan, after Istanbul’s “Under the Same Sky” in 2004 and Dusseldorf’s “Feel Your Heart Beat” in 2011. We’ve debated the subject of slogans in the past, after some slogans have arguably been disliked among fans. “All Aboard” came out on top of our Xtra editor vote back in 2019, as the favourite slogan with 86% of the vote.

41 countries will take part in this year’s contest in Turin, with the return of Armenia and Montenegro. It was announced in October that Turin would host the contest, after beating out 16 other potential host cities. The contest will be held in the PalaOlimpico with the grand final on Saturday 14th May.

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