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Make your Eurovision Prediction for Croatia, Denmark, Germany and Serbia now!

Four more predictions are open!

Eurovision Prediction 2022 players, it’s time to visit to choose which entries you think will be victorious in Croatia’s Dora, Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Germany’s Germany 12 Points and Serbia’s Pesma za Evroviziju. Remember you can change your selection as many times up until the deadline, make sure you click Submit Your Prediction to save your latest choice!

For details on this year’s Croatian national selection, click here!
Deadline for Croatia predictions is at 1am CET on February

For details on this year’s Danish national selection, click here!
Deadline for Denmark predictions is at 1am CET on March 5

For details on this year’s German national selection, click here!
Deadline for Germany predictions is at 1am CET on March 4

For details on this year’s Serbian national selection, click here!
Deadline for Serbia predictions is at 1am CET on March 5

At the time of writing, you can also still make your predictions for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Malta and Finland too. Just head to to play!

We will aim to open predictions for a national selection once the entries for the final of the selection are known and can be listened to. In selections where the semi-final is just a day or two before the final, we will open these selections once all the semi-final entries can be heard.

New to Eurovision Prediction or need a recap of the rules? Keep on reading…

Aim of the game

For those of you who have never played Eurovision Prediction before, it is a game where Eurovision fans from all over the world battle it out to become the champion! All players need to do is predict which entry will win each national final that takes place during the 2022 Eurovision season.

At the end of the season, the player with the most points takes the victory and becomes Eurovision Prediction Champion! In addition, we will once again award a special Eurovision prize to the winner.

How to use our new Eurovision Prediction platform

For the first time ever, we have launched a special platform for you to make your predictions for all of this season’s national finals. To do this, simply register for our new platform with one easy click! Once you enter our Eurovision Prediction platform, you will be able to choose your own username and your nationality. You can also submit your predictions by choosing who you think will win from each national final’s drop down list. Remember to press Submit Your Prediction so that your choices are saved and submitted!

Voting will close for each national final at 1am CET on the day the show takes place. You will be able to keep track of all of your predictions and your ranking all from one screen!

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