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S10 to premiere her entry on 3rd March?

Shownieuws claim 3rd March for first Dutch-language entry since Sieneke

According to show media in the Netherlands, S10 will premiere her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on 3rd March. Broadcaster Avrotros has not yet confirmed or denied the release date of the song.

3rd March for S10?

During Shownieuws, a program to discuss everything about the stars and their lives, the date was mentioned. In a discussion over Norway’s entry, Give That Wolf A Banana by Subwoolfer, publisher Evert Santegoeds questioned the fact that Avrotros always wait much longer than others to reveal their song. This led Eurovision fan and show expert Frits Huffnagel to an announcement. He claimed that S10 will be revealing her song on 3rd March. Huffnagel added that he did not know how the song would be presented, as he only knew the date. As mentioned before, Avrotros are yet to comment on Huffnagel’s reveal.

What do we know so far?

Little information on the Dutch entry for Turin has been revealed so far. Back in December, the broadcaster announced that S10 would be representing the Netherlands. S10, stage name of Stien den Hollander, is a rising star in the alternative scene of the country. Her music discusses personal and difficult topics, such as her own struggle with mental health. All we know about her song for Turin so far is that she will be singing in Dutch.

It will mark the first Dutch-language entry in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2010. Back then, Sieneke performed Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie). Sieneke won the national final after one of the weirdest endings ever. Composer Pierre Kartner was asked to decide who should go to Oslo. He refused and suggested a coin toss. In the end, in frustration and panic, he then shouted “Okay, Sieneke” and walked off… And thus, the ticket went to Sieneke. This year’s Dutch-language effort will surely be a whole lot different from Sieneke’s.

In her introduction video, S10 introduced herself in the following way:

It gives me courage. Music is for me the most important thing there is. For anyone who’s experienced the lows or highs. For those who dance in front of the mirror, or prefer to stay out of the light. I am S10 and I’m performing on behalf of The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest.


Creative team of 2021 experience

We do know a little more about the creative team behind S10’s entry. Marnix Kaart will be in charge of the stage directing. He also oversaw the entire process of directing the acts at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, where he was one of the co-directors. S10’s creative supervisor will be Wouter van Ransbeek. Together with S10, Van Ransbeek will have to come up with the creative concept of the Dutch entry. Light design will be in the capable hands of Henk Jan van Beek – a role he also fulfilled for Rotterdam 2021. Back in 2017, he was also in charge of the lights during the Dutch entry, Lights and Shadows by OG3NE.

This means that Hans Pannecoucke, a long standing member of the Dutch creative team, is not part of the team this year. The last time that was the case, was back in 2017.

The selection process

The selection committee at Avrotros was once again responsible for choosing the entrant and entry for Eurovision. Avrotros director Eric van Stade leads the group, with 2021 host Jan Smit, long standing commentator Cornald Maas, radio DJ duo Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga, as well as Joyce Hoedelmans, online editor at Avrotros, joining him. For 2022, they had set the aim to stay successful in Eurovision. Their search for an artist mentioned an “authentic” sound, preferably “contemporary”, with an artist who could perform a song in a “distinctive way” and, if possible, with a “personal story”. Reading about S10 suggests she would probably tick all of those boxes.

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