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S10 performs “De diepte” live for the first time

Red laser lights on Matthijs Gaat Door

A few days after S10 released her Eurovision entry “De diepte”, she has now performed the song live for the very first time. Stien den Hollander appeared on primetime show Matthijs Gaat Door to perform her entry for Turin.

Positive initial reaction to “De diepte”

In its home country, the initial reaction to “De diepte” has been more than positive. S10 is still topping the Top 50 on Spotify, something she already did a day after releasing her song. By comparison: “Birth Of A New Age” débuted at #69 last year. In the list, she’s keeping big local hits like “Dat heb jij gedaan” by MEAU and “Hallo” by Antoon at a distance. S10 now has close to 300,000 streams in just two days.

S10 on Matthijs gaat door

Tonight, S10 appeared on Matthijs gaat door to discuss Eurovision and her song. Host of the show is one the Netherlands’ most prolific TV hosts, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. His former show DWDD often hosted song reveals for Dutch Eurovision entries.

Of course, S10 also performed her song, which she has written together with Arno Krabman. Dominant in her performance were S10’s piercing vocals, as well as red laser lights all around her. It is, of course, unlikely that the performance tonight resembles the Eurovision plans the Dutch delegation have.

Marnix Kaart will be in charge of the stage directing. He also oversaw the entire process of directing the acts at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, where he was one of the co-directors. S10’s creative supervisor will be Wouter van Ransbeek. Together with S10, Van Ransbeek will have to come up with the creative concept of the Dutch entry. Light design will be in the capable hands of Henk Jan van Beek – a role he also fulfilled for Rotterdam 2021. Back in 2017, he was also in charge of the lights during the Dutch entry, Lights and Shadows by OG3NE.

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