New Music Friday – this week with Go_A, Cornelia Jakobs, S10, WRS, Barbara Pravi and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Barbara Pravi – ‘Prière pour soi’

A familiar name to New Music Friday, France’s Eurovision 2021 runner-up Barbara Pravi, once more has a new single to share. More than just a song, ‘Prière pour soi’ is a prayer for yourself. That prayer is a celebration of women for International Women’s Day. Yet it is also a message of strength for anyone facing the daily struggles of life.

In all the whirlwind of these 365 days, I was a little afraid of losing the flame inside that guides me. But this fire that burns in me, in us, never goes out, never. So here it is, homage to him, to her, the flame, the warrior, the strength. The one who got me out of all situations from above. The one we all have inside, which allows us to look at each other with respect, love and tenderness, despite the waves, the storms and the less glorious days.

Barbara Pravi, (Instagram)

Below Barbara has released a video which features the people that inspire her most in life.


THE ROOP – ‘Love Is All We Got’

Next up on New Music Friday are Lithuania’s Eurovision 2020 and 2021 representatives The Roop. The viral sensations are using that energy for good in ‘Love Is All We Got’. The synth anthem proves that we also have music, as well as love. Through music we can channel emotion and reflect on the best and worst of life. That is evident in this message to the people of Ukraine, originally released on Lithuanian Independence Day. Throughout the music video The Roop share images of protest movements supporting Ukraine, as well as going through several outfit changes in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Of course Lithuania remembers their own history and is why The Roop feel so passionately towards their Ukrainian friends.

We express enormous support for Ukrainian band Go_A with whom we established a warm friendship in Rotterdam, during Eurovision. We were discussing a collaboration and “Love Is All We Got” was one of the options. However, our intentions and plans were terminated by Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Go_A recently wrote that they temporarily pause their music activity because of the war. All members of the band remained in their homeland. We want to believe the war ends as soon as possible, and we can write music and make the collaboration happen.

Each contributes as much as they can and comprehends at a time. Now we decided to contribute using our primary work – music. All of the funds collected for streaming of this song on all platforms in 2022 will be used to support Ukraine.

The Roop, (Instagram)

Kate Miller-Heidke ft. Jaguar Jonze – ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’

Back in 2020 Australia’s Eurovision 2019 star Kate Miller-Heidke released Child In Reverse. Now with post-pandemic life slowly returning, Kate has re-released a deluxe edition of the album ahead of new tour dates later this year. Along with the release Kate brings a special version of previous single, ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’. This time she includes Australia Decides 2020 and 2022 artist, Jaguar Jonze. Both are close friends, which adds deeper meaning to this personal song about their own experiences of trauma and abuse. For Kate, this is the process of dealing with abuse in childhood. Whilst for Jaguar Jonze this is her fight against the music industry and the #MeToo movement, which culminated in the emotional, ‘Little Fires‘ performance just weeks ago on the Gold Coast.

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