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Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Tusse – ‘Happiness Before Love’

It has been a while since ‘Grow‘ and Christmas single ‘This Is Our Christmas Song’, but Sweden’s Eurovision 2021 star Tusse is back with a banger(er). More than worth the wait, Tusse brings all his positive energy and soul to this unique take on love songs in ‘Happiness Before Love’. In among the pulsing 80s beats is a hopeful message of working on self-love before finding the one. Later this year, Tusse will release his debut EP.

Love has always been a complicated plan in my life. I’ve never been in a relationship and the times when I’ve been close, it has always ended with me being hurt. I wrote ‘Happiness Before Love’ for myself, as a motivation song, to once and for all choose to be happy rather than chase after love. I’ll take a break from being unhappily in love and choose to create my own happiness. It’s a pop song with a message about self-love and I hope that lots of people will dance and celebrate the single life to this song.


Maro – ‘am i not enough for now?’

After winning Festival da Canção 2022 with ‘Saudade, Saudade’, Portugal’s Eurovision representative, singer-songwriter, Maro has released new single, ‘Am I not enough for now?. An early preview to her next, forthcoming album. The English language track follows Maro’s typical modern Fado style, as she questions why she’s making so much effort for someone too distracted to be in a new relationship.

Marius Bear – ‘Boys Do Cry’ (Album)

Next month Marius Bear will take to the Turin stage to represent Switzerland. Before then he has treated fans to his second album, Boys Do Cry. The 12-track album shows off all the layers of Marius’ range. From the upbeat soul of ‘Evergreen’ to the raspy angst of ‘Heart On Your Doorstep’. Those that enjoy Tom Odell and George Ezra will connect to this album and the storytelling of Marius’ emotions.

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