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LIVE DAY 7 REVIEW: Brooke brings staging that’s rich for Ireland are live for day 7 of rehearsals ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 taking place at the Pala Olimpico in Turin, Italy!

We continue with the final eleven countries rehearsing from the second semi final. The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, North Macedonia, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Belgium, Sweden and Czech Republic.

The latest artist to rehearse is Brooke from Ireland with the song “That’s Rich”

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Rehearsal review

Stage presentation

This is fast-paced, bold choreography. Four dancers surround Brooke, and they all begin on the floor with an overhead camera showcasing Brooke in the ‘centre of attention’ with a heart graphic on the floor and screen behind.

In the second verse, we see some intricate group choreography and yet Brooke continues to deliver the perfect balance between secure vocals and eye-catching moves. The choruses show lots of long shots from the back of the stage with some very effective swirling white lighting which contrasts with the pink and purple seen on stage. Fireworks on the exact beat the track comes back in after the middle eight and full-on firework fountains for the final chorus too.

Costumes and styling

Brooke is dressed in pale blue with her backing dancers in white. The costumes integrate with the stage colours tremendously well.

Vocal quality

A very strong, clean vocal from Brooke throughout the full rehearsal today. it’s mixed exceptionally well with the pre-recorded vocals in the chorus and the vocoder used in the middle eight.

Overall impression

It’s fair to say that based on what we had seen from performances on the Late Late Show in Ireland that this was a very pleasant surprise. Brooke is confident and works the camera very well. Everything looks slick and ready to go. This could perform very well with the televote in the semifinal and there’s little for jurors to fault here too.

Watch the rehearsal

Stay tuned for our reviews for the rest of today’s rehearsals at the Pala Olimpico. If you want to know what to expect from the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule. Meanwhile, remember to tune in to our live stream for instant reactions to every rehearsal!

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