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DJ Astronaut unmasked or clever PR stunt?

Is TIX behind DJ Astronaut?

Ahead of last night’s semifinal published a short video clip supposedly revealing TIX as DJ Astronaut, who is on stage with Subwoolfer during their performance. In the clip we can see DJ Astronaut taking his helmet off, as he was leaving a press event with Stig Karlsen (Norwegian HoD). And in the process we can clearly see TIX’ trademark headband and profile.

ESCNORGE’s photographer Alexander Gjørøy managed to take a picture from a different angle, leaving no doubts. TIX represented Norway in Eurovision Song Contest 2021, where he finished 18th with his ballad “Fallen Angel”. DJ Astronaut is also the third person credited for the Norwegian entry “Give That Wolf a Banana”, with Keith and Jim.

Speculations surrounding Subwoolfer

Ever since the wolves participated in Melodi Grand Prix back in January, speculations have run high as to who are hiding behind the yellow wolf masks. People have also suggested that Subwoolfer might actually be a trio rather than a duo, including DJ Astronaut in the group. The credited songwriters behind “Give That Wolf a Banana” are after all both Keith, Jim and DJ Astronaut. People have discussed whether one of Norway’s well known producers might be hiding behind the gold helmet. And now we apparently know; it’s none other than TIX!

A clever publicity stunt?

There is still a bit of confusion surrounding this unmasking, though, as we have seen pictures of Keith, Jim, DJ Astronaut and TIX together, like here, at the Melodi Grand Prix final.

Image Andreas Fadum/Se og Hør

The keen observer might also have noticed that the astronaut suit that TIX is wearing in the clip is the suit from the MGP final. For Eurovision DJ Astronaut has been wearing a different, upgraded version of the costume. So, is this just a clever publicity stunt from the Norwegian delegation?

Image Nathan Reinds/EBU

Comparing the suits in the two pictures above it’s clear that there may very well be two different “DJ Astronauts”. Norway was one of the 10 entries to qualify from the first semifinal. Therefore we will probably have to wait until after the grand final on Saturday to find out for sure who Subwoolfer and DJ Astronaut actually are.

Who are Keith and Jim?

Now that we (seemingly) know the identity of DJ Astronaut a lot of fans are even more curious to know who Keith and Jim are. Many names have been suggested, the most popular guesses being Ylvis (Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, the duo behind 2013’s massive hit “What Does the Fox Say?), Didrik (ESC 2010, MGP 2020) and Emil Solli-Tangen (MGP 2013 and 2020), Gaute Ormåsen (MGP 2010 and 2013) and Ben Adams (MGP 2010 as part of A1). During one of the first rehearsals one of the wolves was heard speaking through the microphone in a distinctly British accent. However, the Norwegian delegation has neither confirmed nor denied any of these speculations.

What do you think? Have they, accidentally, unmasked DJ Astronaut or is this just a very clever publicity stunt? What’s your opinion on the Norwegian entry this year? How do you do you think they will do in Saturday’s grand final? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, make sure you follow us on Spotify for the latest music from your favourite Eurovision acts.

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