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EBU reveals six national juries were removed from Eurovision 2022

During tonight’s jury voting process at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the EBU released a statement to explain that the national juries from six countries in the second semi-final were removed from the contest. These were then replaced by an aggregated result based on countries with similar voting patterns in both the second semi-final and the grand final.

The six national juries that were removed from Eurovision 2022 were from the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • San Marino

The full EBU statement can be read below:

In the analysis of jury voting by the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) pan-European voting partner after the Second Dress Rehearsal of the Second Semi-Final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, certain irregular voting patterns were identified in the results of six countries.

In order to comply with the Contest’s Voting Instructions, the EBU worked with its voting partner to calculate a substitute aggregated result for each country concerned for both the Second-Semi Final and the Grand Final (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting records).

This process was acknowledged by the Independent Voting Monitor.

The EBU takes any suspected attempts to manipulate the voting at the Eurovision Song Contest extremely seriously and has the right to remove such votes in accordance with the Official Voting Instructions, irrespective of whether or not such votes are likely to influence the results and/or outcome of the voting.


  1. That is bullshit. A calculated result is manipulation. The 6 country jury\’s vote should not count.

  2. mega bullshit

    wtf is \”certain irregular voting patterns\”

    the only irregular voting pattern I see is completely replacing the votes of countries then presenting them as legit

  3. EBU did not cancel the votes of these countries, but gave them as it wanted, to whom it wanted. I seems a political decision.

  4. Eurovision has become a political bullshit! Until now, they were at least discreet but now, they completely ignore people\’s choices…. now regarding music, later who knows what ! For me the winner is UK\’s Sam Ryder!

  5. I am terribly angry. The jury of Romania offered 12 points to Moldova, but our vote was removed and the points given to Ukraine, while Moldova got 0 points. If this is not bullshit, i don’t know what it is.

  6. stealing national jury votes should be settled in european court! romania gave 12 points to Moldova and you, euro-bullshit-vision gave them to a b-series actor\’s representatives. their folk song was actually copied from a bulgarian choir piece done in Bregovic concerts, i.e. this is the most shameful contest ever – better tell us in advance that only lgbtq+ and ukrainians are allowed to take first place, then we can organize the contest in every and each liberty parade in europe and hand them over as maany first prizes they need …. such a disgrace

  7. SHAME ON EBU! why EBU dare to vote in the name of Romanian jury? The romanian jury gave other notes. EBU did not allowed Romanian presenter to say who Romania gave 12 points. Shame!

  8. Since when EBU can know how a country, a person can and want to vote?
    Mega bullshit!
    So do not do like Putin!?

  9. how can you afford such interventions? it means that you also manipulated the votes of the viewers!

  10. Dear EBU, u got it totally wrong, what u actually did is total manipulation and robbery in broad daylight. Despite your attempts to block points for some countries and giving it to others in order to impact on the results, the public voting said it all. U disqualified Romania\’s 12 points for Moldova and gave it to Ukraine – such a mistreatment from your side. What message r u sending out by doing that? What r u transforming this contest into by making such \’ changes\’ in the voting results… Bullshit, not \’voting irregularities \’

  11. EBU is the most CORRUPTED European organization! Who gave you the right to assume how a country should have been voted? Who gave you the right to vote on countries behalf?
    Do you know that because of you there are 2 sister countries hating each other? As the votes were presented 1 day in advance, why haven\’t the dismissed countries been notified and no real proves brought? Who will take the responsibility for such a discrimination EBU did?
    You are a fake, corrupted and incorrect entity! You decided that UK, France, Italy matter, but Romania, Moldova, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Poland, Georgia, Montenegro are the poor parts of Europe and have no right to opinion, because you can give your opinion for them? SHAME ON EBU! Instead of protecting the compliance you have corrupted the results!

  12. SHAME ON EBU!! The 6 countries should send EBU in the court of stilling of jury results. The artists are spending time and money but EBU is doing own rules , WTF.
    We know Ukraine is fighting for democracy,liberty and for Europe. But EBU is demonstrating the rich country/organisation is discriminating poor country, this is democracy ?!?!?
    How does it come Moldova had 14 points from “professional “ juries and public decided to be second ?

  13. Quite amusing how there are so many outraged people here just assuming they know so much more than the people at the EBU who are actually looking at and analysing the results.

    However we do need a lot more information on what exactly is alleged to have happened here and the scale of what happened. Given that the EBU has called out these six broadcasters in public they clearly have to be able to stand over these accusations and show how they think the vote was manipulated. Also the question has to be what consequences will follow for these broadcasters whom the EBU has basically accused of cheating.

  14. They need to be sued and pay millions.
    You don\’t replace votes as you wish and change the top 3 order by doing this. If they have solid proof of wrongdoing by the six countries, the votes should have been cancelled.
    UK got very few points from the six, and EBU made it to go to 2nd place(like the bookies predicted).

  15. EBU humiliated artists from other countries. EBU gave 12 point from six countries to Ukraine instead of their choice. First place for Ukraine, second place to UK. No politic… I\’ll skip next Eurovision watching. EBU staff MUST be changed, especially main liar Martin Österdahl.

  16. EBU will go bankrupt after settling the \”irregularities\” in court. All six countries should sue EBU and the company/ \”voting partner\” (what is that?)
    Countries with similar voting pattern?! Aggregated results? What is that, stock exchange?

  17. oh calm down, even if you take 6 x 12 points from Ukraine and give them to the UK who was in second place, Ukraine would still win, nothing would be different. people voted for it. and it deserved to win based on the majority who voted whether you like it or not. they must have had a good reason to cancel these votes and I\’m sure they will explain.

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