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Blanco releases new music video ‘Nostalgia’

One half of Italy 2022’s contestants has gone right back to releasing new music, following up the huge domestic and continental success of ‘Brividi’. Blanco’s ‘Nostalgia’ is a heartfelt new pop song with a music video shot entirely in black and white.

Blanco is one of the hottest new stars to come out of this year’s Eurovision. Already very popular in Italy when he won Sanremo with duo partner Mahmood and ‘Brividi’, Blanco went absolutely stratospheric in Italy with his Eurovision entry, which broke multiple records on its release. Among those is achieving a 4x platinum rating and reaching the top 5 songs globally after its release, almost entirely due to streams from within Italy. ‘Brividi’ placed 6th with 268 points in the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final.


‘Nostalgia’ follows Blanco’s trends of not sticking entirely to any established genre. His voice has aggressive tones while remaining very melodic, and while this has a lot more energy to it than ‘Brividi’, fans of that song will appreciate Blanco’s emotional performance once again. His tone lends itself somewhat to a punk or rock styling, while still remaining wide-appealing enough to hit fans of many genres.

The lyrics talk of an old love, and having nostalgic feelings for the way it used to be.

Black and white in an old world

The music video for Blanco’s ‘Nostalgia’ is shot entirely in black and white. It features Blanco dancing on the rooftops of a city. The scenes shown focus on retro stylings like old lampposts and brick buildings. Together with the black and white shots these give the feeling of Blanco being in an older time yet just as passionate.

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