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Subwoolfer release new single ‘Melocoton’

The biggest band in the galaxy have returned with new music, following their Eurovision appearance representing Norway. Subwoolfer’s new single ‘Melocoton’ (subtitled ‘The Donka Donk Song’) was released today.

Subwoolfer originally caught the attention of millions not just for being yellow wolves from outer space, but for delivering a unique and fun performance style mixed with EDM fun on ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’. On their new single ‘Melocoton’, they show more of that, as they release a fun summer pop song.

Last month they released a Mika parody, Space Kelly and a number of other songs that parodied famous tracks. However this is now their first release after ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ (and Valentine version ‘Give That Wolf A Romantic Banana’) that is fully original and therefore available on streaming services. ‘Melocoton’ is a Spanish word for peach, and the lyrics make reference to that (‘you really want to squeeze that peach’). They also neatly rhyme ‘we just want to pick the peaches’ with ‘hitting the bars and beaches’. Perfect for summer.

The video premieres at 1PM in Norway time. If it is after that on the day this article is published, you can watch the video here. You can also find it on streaming services below:

Apple Music link

Subwoolfer at Eurovision

Last month, Subwoolfer finished 10th in the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final, representing Norway. They performed 16th in the second-semi final, qualifying with the 6th-best score. After this, they performed 4th in the Grand Final. They performed ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ in distinctive fashion with the yellow wolves Jim and Keith at the center of attention.

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