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North Macedonia’s Head of Delegation reports on improving country’s results at Eurovision

Meri Popova presented a report to MRT including five key points

The Head of Delegation for North Macedonia, Meri Popova, presented a report to North Macedonian broadcaster MRT on proposals to improve the country’s Eurovision results including five key points. This stems from the evaluation and study process carried out by the broadcaster.

1- Review the timeline

The first point of the report concerned the method of selection. Popova pointed out that MRT should start preparing for Eurovision no later than September. The report suggests the need for greater clarity in the selection method in order to finalize its structure as quickly as possible. According to Popova, this would give MRT and the competing artists enough time to properly prepare for the competition.

2- A greater delegation

In addition, the report called for greater delegation. According to Popova, the delegation is too small and constantly changing, which makes it difficult to establish consistency and stability in the selection process. Popova called then for an expansion of the delegation, which she said has “always been a headache”. She also said that the small number of delegation members means that everyone is working on many projects and programs at the same time, which increases the stress in the delegation.

3- The budget

The budget was another important factor for Meri Popova. As she explains, North Macedonia’s budget for Eurovision is expected to be agreed, stabilized and communicated in September. Currently, North Macedonia’s low funding for Eurovision is an obstacle to the country’s participation, and Meri sees this as a possible reason for North Macedonia’s poor results in recent years. This would allow the delegation to plan accordingly for May.

4- Marketing plan

Meri mentions that she would like to see a unified marketing plan put in place for the country’s participation at the contest. This could involve several advertising partnerships that would help strengthen the Eurovision brand in North Macedonia. MRT would also have the ability to promote their participation and sell advertising slots during live broadcasts. This option would be very cheap because it would bring MRT the money they need for their participation in Eurovision.

5- Public Relations Commitee

The report’s final recommendation was to establish a public relations committee. This committee would help increase public interest in Eurovision and allow the broadcaster to protect its public image. In turn, they would be better equipped to deal with any scandals that might arise.

She claimed the backlash surrounding the Bulgarian flag in Vasil’s music video and Andrea’s flag throwing this year had damaged Eurovision’s public image and implied an increased PR presence could have an impact. on their future participations.

What’s next ?

The head of the delegation wishes that the organization in the choice of the North Macedonian candidate be the most optimized. This would allow the country to properly participate in the competition with more competitiveness in order to win the competition

After hearing Meri Popova’s report, the board instructed MRT management to provide its own report on how the recommendations will be implemented.

He also asked to provide documents showing the revenue generated by Eurovision ads over the past 4 years. The board therefore asked the general manager of MRT for a final decision on the disciplinary sanctions. At the end of the discussion, the report was unanimously adopted by the board.

It is currently unknown whether North Macedonia will return to the 2023 contest, but Makedonska Radio Televizija realizes that Eurovision is one of its most important annual programs.

North Macedonia at Eurovision

North Macedonia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1998 and has never won it.

In 2019, the country made its best result in the final since participating with Tamara Todevska and her song Proud. The country finished 7th with 305 points in total, winning the jury votes.

In 2022, the country was represented by Andrea and her song “Circles” winner of the national selection Za Evrosong 2022. She finished 11th in the second semi-final not qualifying for the Grand Final.

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