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Late Late Show Eurosong to return

Just as one Eurosong got confirmed, a mere day later it has been confirmed another will return!

Yes the much talked about Irish National Final Eurosong is coming back for another edition, and it’s slated to take place in the new year.

Much like this year, it was again take place on the popular talk show The Late Late Show, and potential Irish entrants don’t have long to get their potential entries into RTE.

Potential entrants need to submit their entries via this link ( by the 28th October.

RTE are again looking for established artists, much like they were in 2022, but it must also be noted that RTE have mentioned that “Entries will be considered by a panel of music and entertainment industry professionals and Eurovision fans selected by RTÉ.”

Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Ireland first entered the contest in 1965 in Naples, where Butch Moore finished sixth with the song “I’m Walking The Streets In The Rain”.

Since then the Emerald Isle have competed 55 more times, and currently hold the record for most contest wins with seven.

Unfortunately of late their run has not been so good, with NQs becoming a regular occurrence. This includes 2022, where Brooke and her song “That’s Rich” failed to make it out of the second semi final.

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  1. Sigh! As an Irish Eurovision fan I guess it\’s better than an internal selection but really this is just a waste of time from a format point of view.

    The studio space is too small to allow entries to demonstrate any sort of production value so it\’s impossible to judge how something might play on the larger Eurovision stage. The \”expert\” panel on the show are a complete waste of time as we saw last year who\’ll just say banal things to appeal to the audience which will be made up of friends and family. And sadly with Brooke\’s NQ with the only upbeat song in last year\’s list I reckon we\’ll get a very conservative set of songs for this year. I fuily expect a selection of terrible old-fashioned ballads sung by individuals. Maybe they\’ll surprise me but I doubt it very much.

    I\’d also love to know who is on the panel of \”Eurovision fans\” that RTÉ mention as I\’ve never heard of anybody I know being part of this group.

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