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Dion Cooper & Mia Nicolai to sing “Chasing Highs” at Eurovision 2023?

Potential reveal on 2nd March

Media in the Netherlands are reporting that their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be titled “Chasing Highs”. As a potential reveal date, they mention 2nd March.

“Chasing Highs” for the Netherlands?

The reports are based on an entry on music database Genius. They list the song “Chasing Highs” as an upcoming release by Dion Cooper and Mia Nicolai. Seeing as this is the first time the duo will be working together, it’s more than likely that this is indeed their entry for Liverpool.

More confirmation seems to come from the listing of songwriters for “Chasing Highs”. Both Duncan Laurence and his fiancé Jordan Garfield are on the list, just like AVROTROS revealed when announcing their entrants for Liverpool. Dion and Mia have also co-written the track. The final songwriter is Loek van der Grinten, also known as LUKAZ.

2nd March as reveal date

Social media in the Netherlands are assuming the reveal date to be 2nd March. One of the most popular and well-informed Eurovision websites in the Netherlands, Songfestivalweblog, also name 2nd March as the potential date for “Chasing Highs”. The alternative date they’re mentioning is a week later, on the 9th March. Where the song will be revealed is currently unclear.

Mia Nicolai with another chance…

“Chasing Highs”, if that’s indeed the title of the Dutch entry, is not Mia Nicolai’s only possibility to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. She has also co-written a song in Moldova’s national final Etapa Națională. “When Love’s Real” by Corina Ivanov was written by Mia Nicolai and Mike Connaris. The duo will find out on 4th March whether Corina will be singing their song at Eurovision this May.

Who are Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper?

Mia Nicolai is a 26 year old singer, from Amsterdam but currently residing in Los Angeles. After releasing her debut single “Set Me Free” in 2020, she caught the attention of an international audience. Her second single, “Mutual Needs”, debuted on the famous American radio show Zane Lowe Radio. Mia feels that art and creativity influence her musical style, but also looks up to artists like David Bowie.

Dion Cooper is a 28 year old singer from the Netherlands. He comes from a very musical upbringing, and he lives according to the motto ‘bring the joy!’. He released his first EP “Too Young Too Dumb” in 2021, and Dion has written his song “Blue Jeans” with Duncan Laurence.

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