LIVE from MalmöMalmö 2024 Predicts: Who will qualify from Eurovision 2024’s first semi?

It is almost time for the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The team at has decided to share their predictions… Who will qualify in Malmö tonight?

A clear result

Nineteen members of Team have filled out the form to tell us who they think will qualify tonight. Three countries achieved a 100% score: Ukraine, Croatia and Luxembourg. 18 out of 19 predictors added Finland, Lithuania and Ireland, with Cyprus close behind. Following Silia Kapsis, we see iolanda from Portugal. They form the clear top eight of our team.

This is where a gap forms in the list. The final two qualifiers according to our team are Poland and Serbia. They’re still quite far ahead of the first two predicted non-qualifiers, Slovenia and Australia. Our team predicts Moldova, Iceland and Azerbaijan as the least likely to qualify.

Have a look below!

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