LIVE from MalmöMalmö 2024 Predicts: Who will qualify from Eurovision 2024’s second semi?

It is almost time for the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. The team at has decided to share their predictions… Who will qualify in Malmö tonight? Tension is high, after the team did rather well on Tuesday…

A clear result

22 members of Team have filled out the form to tell us who they think will qualify tonight. This time, only two countries achieve a perfect score as qualifiers. All participating team members think The Netherlands and Switzerland will qualify. Only one member thought Armenia wouldn’t make it, the other 21 agree that Ladaniva will make it as well. Closely following this top three, we find Greece, Norway, Austria and Belgium.

This is where a gap forms in the list. The final three qualifiers according to our team are more divisive. Georgia still do very well and should be safe. Then we see Israel.

Finally, Estonia and Malta tied in tenth place with 55% of our members predicting them to qualify. In a tie-break shoot-out, our members picked Estonia as the tenth and last qualifier. On Tuesday, we got nine out of ten qualifiers correct, only missing out on Slovenia’s Raiven, instead predicting Luna from Poland to qualify. Can we go 10/10 tonight?

Have a look below!

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