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RTVSLO release official statement on Eurovision 2024

In the aftermath of a controversial Eurovision Song Contest 2024, RTVSLO the national broadcaster of Slovenia, stated they would prepare, ‘a list of questions’ for the EBU surrounding the events of the contest. Today, that document has been released in full.

RTVSLO demands answers from the EBU

In a public statement, the Slovenian broadcaster (RTVSLO) has presented its list of questions for the EBU regarding multiple concerns RTVSLO has about the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Within the document, the broadcaster questions the validity of the voting, including the purpose of the ROTW voting. As well as an explanation for the disqualification of The Netherlands from the Grand Final. Meanwhile, they also question the anti-booing technology and raise concerns over the flag ban. Overall, the broadcaster requests more robust and democratic decision making. A full translation of the original statement can be read below:

Television Slovenia has addressed some of the most urgent questions to the EBU leadership, due to the events and consequences of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. RTV Slovenia had already called for a professional discussion before the contest.

As a result, after this Eurovision week, Slovenia, which traditionally takes care of the ESC (the Eurovision Song Contest) project, gathered some of the most urgent questions resulting from this year’s event and incidents related to it.

We point out that the Eurovision Song Contest is an extremely important project for the Eurovision Song Contest for Television Slovenia and Slovenia, that it is an event with great visibility in our country and among our musicians, and that RTV Slovenia is happy to be part of this story. This is why, after this year’s controversial Eurovision week, Slovenia is asking for some concrete answers to the most pressing questions, and it would like these issues to encourage a wider debate on the future and the development of the Eurovision Song Contest, which, as already stated, have unfortunately been marked by a number of controversial topics this year.

Television Slovenia therefore, asks the EBU for information on the vote of Slovenian audiences, not just the number of votes, but precise information on how the Slovenian audience voted. The overall result raises some doubts, in particular the large number of ‘new’ voters online, which have not been there before.

Television Slovenia requires, among other things, requests further clarification from the EBU with regards to the exclusion of the Netherlands; the reporting of certain media that the actual sound image of what is happening in the hall was replaced by technical means; on the ban on the EU flag; on the possible influence of the sponsor on the content of the event …

Television Slovenia calls on the EBU to discuss the introduction of the “Rest of the World” vote. What is its purpose, and why should the outcome of the competition be impacted by citizens of countries who do not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Finally, Television Slovenia also calls for consideration to be given to ways in which the EBU members’ opinions can be more effectively integrated in the planning of the selection and when making key decisions or how to establish a more democratic decision-making system in the future.


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  1. I would like to know ALL the public votes from every country. I heard Italy had some hiccups. Plus some artists seem to get far more and far less votes then expected.
    We need to see behind the curtains.

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