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Slovenian broadcaster drafting questions for the EBU on Eurovision 2024

After a troubled Eurovision 2024 week, several participating broadcasters have denounced the atmosphere backstage, some even criticizing the EBU’s handling of the situation. Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO prudently added its voice to that of other delegations.

On its news website, RTVSLO recapped the complaints already revealed by broadcasters or artists from several countries, including Portugal, Norway, and the alleged support of the French, Croatian and Spanish delegations.

The news article, coming from a section of the broadcaster not entirely linked with the delegation, suggests that both the Slovenian and the Serbian delegations are considering lodging complaints to the EBU, especially regarding the behaviour of the Israeli delegation.

Preparation of a “document” for the EBU

The public relations department of RTVSLO confirmed that the Slovenian broadcaster is preparing a document adressed do the EBU. This document will be “asking EBU officials some questions about the conduct of the Eurovision Song Contest”. The details of these questions are yet to be revealed by the broadcaster.

This year, Slovenia was represented by Raiven, with the song “Veronika”. With her performance, she managed to qualify to the Grand Final, but only ended up in 23rd position, with 27 points.

Which questions should RTV Slovenia ask the EBU? Which one would you ask? How do you feel about the concerns raised by several broadcasters over the last few days? Tell us more in the comments below or on social media at @escxtra!

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