Vienna 2015

Channel One confirms Polina Gagarina for Vienna

We already sort of expected this, but Channel One has now revealed that it is indeed Polina Gagarina who’ll be flying their flag in Vienna. The confirmation comes shortly after a rumour mill regarding Polina had been started.
Channel One has said some rather confusing words on the song Polina is singing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. They say the song will ‘most likely’ be Secret Poison, written by Philip Kirkorov, Anton Belyayev and Konstantin Meladze. This song title was also rumoured last night, but it seems Channel One still don’t want to fully confirm the song.
27 year old Polina Gagarina is a big star in Russia. Ever since winning Fabrika Zvyozd in 2003, she’s been a successful musician. Some of her songs have made their way to Eurovision fans, making her a singer featuring on many wishlists for Eurovision. Polina recently announced her next studio album, which is going to be in English. Her biggest hit is from 2012 and is called Spektakl’ Okonchen, which you can hear below!


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